Our Kickstarter Video

Jan 16, 2015

Watch the Beginnings of HEX: Shards of Fate From Cory Jones, founder of...Read More


My Hexcellent Adventure – Rumble Recap

Oct 27, 2016

Hello everyone and welcome back for another edition of “My Hexcellent Adventure!” …Read More


Hexploration – A Look into Sapphire/Wild

Oct 25, 2016

Welcome, welcome, welcome! This is hopefully my first article of many for the great game called HEX. Before we delve into some sweet decks, I’d like to tell you a little about myself. …Read More


Fully Equipped – Acorn Warp Gate

Oct 24, 2016

I have a confession to make… I am a sucker for two cards in HEX, and you may see me building around them a lot. Those two cards are Arena Regular, and War Machinist. …Read More


Primordial Knowledge – Ready to Rumble

Oct 21, 2016

The Radiant Rumble has come and gone and the constructed meta has continued to develop. While Kagulichu took down the tournament, the popular Dragonborn Kagu Crusader build failed to crack top 8. This reflects positively on the current format’s diversity and capacity for counter play. …Read More


HEX UPDATE – Seasons and Spice

Oct 21, 2016

Welcome back for another HEX Friday Update. We have a couple of nice things for you today, including a sneak peak at our Season 3 sleeves, a fun HEX quiz, the first part of our AskHEX answers, and more! …Read More


Season 2 is (almost) over, get ready for Season 3!

Oct 21, 2016

The second ladder season in HEX is slowly but surely coming to an end. On November 1, 2016, the ladder seasons will flip and you will find yourself rewarded for your previous efforts. At the same time, the playing field will be leveled again and the battle for the top spots starts anew! …Read More


Deck Drilldown – Mono Blood Zorath

Oct 19, 2016

“What’s old is new” is a saying that definitely true when deck building in TCGs. When looking for powerful strategies in a new format, it is often helpful to look back to see what types of things had been successful in the past that people have forgotten about. …Read More


Adventure Pack 1 Now In Store

Oct 18, 2016

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering “Adventure Pack 1” for sale in the in-game store. These packs are purchasable for gold! …Read More


Master Theorycrafter – Big Ruby

Oct 18, 2016

Stepping off of the beaten path can be one of the true pleasures of a TCG. …Read More


HEX UPDATE – Monster Mash

Oct 14, 2016

The cold wind blows shorter days and more HEX news our way. Let’s see what has fallen into our lap today: …Read More


Haunted Harvest 2016

Oct 14, 2016

As cold winds blow across the Dreamsmoke Prairie and leaves turn in the Sutherlands, young from all over Entrath gather around their campfires to tell stories. …Read More


Cosmic Crown Showdown Season 2 – Changes and Confirmations

Oct 14, 2016

We announced the date for the upcoming second Cosmic Crown Showdown and are following this up now with more updates for the tournament. …Read More


Latest Brew – Ardent Ultimate Alliance

Oct 12, 2016

Sometimes, when getting tricky with deckbuilding it is a good idea to take a look back at the basics. It can be easy to start running with a crazy new deck idea only to realize that your deck isn’t actually doing things better than all the decks currently in the field. …Read More


Radiant Rumble Top 8

Oct 12, 2016

We had our largest community tournament ever last weekend with over 400 people battling it out for glory and their share of $5,000! Today we take a closer look at those who rose to the top: …Read More


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