Art Feature: The Shin’hare

Jun 28, 2013

The Shin’hare are a feudal Underworld race, all falling under the rule of the Exalted Emperor. The beginnings of the race are found here, in the concept art done by Philip Tan.

Little body, pudgy belly! You can see the class concepts below, ranging from bunny ninja to roided out berserker warrior.


Shin’hare must go through rigorous training to move up in the ranks, as you can see in Blade Sensei by Velvet Engine


No matter how hard they train, though, they’ll always the the tiniest thing on the battlefield. Again, Velvet Engine here with Draconic Awe.


But for what they lack in stature, the Shin’hare more than make up for in sheer numbers. This is Human is eating rabbit’s foot in Onslaught by Zoltan Boros.


The Shin’hare have enslaved the Shroomkin, using them in roles ranging from equipment-carrying squires to slave labor. Here’s Ludo Lullabi’s Shin’hare High Born.


And this is Monika’chin by RedHotCG.


Even though these Shin’hare look rough and sinister, like in Jakub Kasper’s Underworld Malice…


They’re super cute during their developmental years, as you can see in Kieran Yanner’s Runts of the Litter.


And look at those fluffy little things, in Zoltan Boros’s Uzume, Grand Concubunny.


Go back a little further, however, and, well, let’s just say nobody’s taking family pictures of the birthing caves. Here’s Hector Ortiz’s Wretched Brood.


Of course, these little cute things grow up to consume the power of the dead, like in Ellis Clark’s Shin’hare Eulogist.


But are sometimes just little furious balls of fur, like in Velvet Engine’s Shin’hare Female Mage and Shin’hare Male Rogue Player Characters.


I hope you enjoyed your artistic tour of the Shin’hare. Make sure to let us know what you think in the forums by hitting the link below.

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