Art Feature: The Vennen

Jun 21, 2013

Ever wonder what would happen if the spider was the one smacking you against the wall? The Vennen, Orc-spider hybrids, are vicious and have plans to exterminate every other living creature on Entrath. To communicate that sinister style, we gave their legs very sharp angles, points, and had that armor echo the Vennen body.


Vennen are bred from the eggs of Xentoth, the Primal of Blood Magic, and therefore are all male. The Vennen capture Orcs and spin them in webbing, leaving them as food for the newly hatched as you can see in Incubation Slave by Filip Acovic.


In the case of the Vennen Ranger, we wanted the weaponry to work within the Vennen style and look more like an extension of the Vennen itself. Here’s Jim Pavlec’s sketch.


And below is the final for your Vennen Ranger player character.


For those of you planning to level a Warrior, here’s Tomek Jedruszek’s piece.


And for you Cleric players, here’s Ikari Studio’s piece.


Finally, for all you PVP fans out there, here’s Xarlox the Brood Lord from Jakub Kasper. You can see the spiders he spawns pop out from under him. Gross!


We hope you loved the Vennen as much as we do and you’ll see even more Vennen when HEX goes live. Let us know what you think in the forums via the link below.

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