Card Previews: August 30

Aug 30, 2013

By Mike Rosenberg

We’ve got a Limited powerhouse and something a little more unique for you today. First up…


The Runic Monolith is a card that anyone can play, no matter what shards they have in their deck, and it will effectively muck up combat plans for your opponent. Oftentimes, the Monolith will lock down the biggest or most troublesome opposing troop every other turn, allowing you to not only defend yourself, but attack with ease.

Equipping the Fang of Xentoth extends the usefulness of the Monolith though, giving you the ability to lock that troop down for two turns. Vestiments of the Ancients does something a little more, turning the Monolith into a potential board trick that also accelerates your ability to play a Dwarf or another artifact into play.

Our next card, however, doesn’t have equipment.


So, what’s going on with the Shards of Fate?

This card essentially is a “wild card” for your deck’s shards. It lets you hit whatever thresholds you need, and it also increases your maximum resources by one. It even charges your champion! The only downside to using the Shards of Fate is that you do not get a resource point the turn you play Shards of Fate, but that’s a fair trade-off when you consider what this card does for you in making sure you hit your shard thresholds. Being able to do so lets you play a wider variety of early plays that have two or more threshold, increasing your deck’s ability to function.

Shards of Fate acts as the perfect building block for a deck that wants to venture out of a single Gem type. Don’t underestimate its power when building your deck!

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