Card Previews: September 13th

Sep 13, 2013

By Mike Rosenberg

HEX fans who have been following along with each preview since May may recognize this little fella.


He’s a common sight alongside the Dwarves, as you can never make too many Worker Bots when tinkering and toying with artifacts of all shapes and sizes. Today’s first preview comes into play with two of the little guys, and then immediately puts them to work.


Elite Battle Tech creates two Worker Bots which, when combined with the second Battle Tech’s effect, do more than challenge Servbots as the cutest robots ever. The Battle Tech will make sure all of your opponent’s biggest troops stay pinned down as long as artifact troops surround him. Even monstrous dragons will not be able to get through for an attack while this Dwarf is active, and thanks to the two Worker Bots he makes, his effect is active upon entering play.

The PVE equipment attached to Elite Battle Tech makes his effect much more interesting. With the Tactician’s Glove, the Battle Tech rewards you for locking down low powered troops. These can be the opponent’s troops, or it can even be the Battle Tech itself if you have no other targets in order to create more Worker Bots.

On the flip side, with the Faceplate of the Tech Overlord, you’ll have the chance to create our next preview card if you can exhaust a high-powered troop.


Yes. You read that flavor text right. Slaughtergear was so heavily gemmed out by its Dwarven creators that it became a sentient being. Now, it’s the War Factory on a mission to transform friendly artifacts into these.


As you may expect, when Slaughtergear is surrounded by lots of artifacts, things can get out of control very quickly. Making artifacts isn’t difficult for a Dwarf champion either. Heck, even some of the charge powers available to champions let you create Worker Bots, and those Worker Bots can be spruced up to become terrifying War Hulks once they’re put through the Slaughtergear’s rinse cycle.

Slaughtergear and his War Hulks get even more terrifying once you equip Slaughtergear’s Pummelers. Once those are on, your robots become Kill-Bots. They’ll have only one mission on their mind once the Pummelers are active: destroy, and don’t stop destroying until destroyed.

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