Constructing HEX

Jul 15, 2014

Hey everyone,

Now that the auction house allows players to buy and sell cards in building their collections, we looked to support Constructed HEX with scheduled 128-person tournaments. Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve tested the stability of these tournaments and the swiss pairing feature. We’re now happy with the current state of these tournaments and we’re offering them to players with prizes. You will play 4 rounds and earn prizes based on your number of wins. Undefeated records are awarded 4,000 platinum worth of HEX booster packs for just a 500 platinum entry fee!

  • Entry fee: 500 plat
  • 4 wins: 20 packs, 70,000 gold
  • 3 wins: 8 packs, 15,000 gold


Part of making the scheduled tournaments stable involved running them for free. Nearly all of our tournaments were completely full at 128 players. HEX R&D was curious to see how Shards of Fate is performing in terms of the constructed metagame, so we pulled a sampling of the undefeated decklists from various tournaments across the last few weeks. Take a look!

Prophet of Wren HEXTCG

While on the subject of Constructed tournaments, we evaluated the prizes for the 8-person Constructed and felt they were not as good as they could be for the players. So, we buffed both tournaments with 3 extra prize packs with no price increase! Effective immediately, the queues will offer the following prizes:

Competitive Constructed Queue

  • Entry fee: 300 plat
  • 1st Place: 7 packs, 20,000 gold
  • 2nd Place: 4 packs, 17,000 gold
  • 3rd and 4th Place: 2 packs, 10,000 gold
  • 5th through 8th Place: 5,000 gold


Constructed Queue

  • Entry fee: 300 plat
  • 3 wins: 5 packs, 20,000 gold
  • 2 wins: 2 packs, 12,000 gold
  • 1 wins: 1 pack, 5,000 gold
  • 0 wins: 1 pack, 5,000 gold


And as always, we are dedicated to player satisfaction, so if you do encounter an issue while playing in these tournaments, please contact player support at Player support can issue scheduled tournament refunds, just like they can with drafts.


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