Friday Update – Happy Fourth of July

Jul 4, 2014

The HEX Entertainment offices are closed today to celebrate America’s birthday, but that doesn’t stop us from giving you the latest and greatest with HEX!

First, our patch last Wednesday has gone swimmingly. It increased the functionality of the auction house and improved some other features of the game. HEX’s auction house, allowing players to buy and sell cards with premium currency and in-game currency, is one of a very few games that has its own economy on that scale. It’s been incredible to break new ground with this project in so many ways, and HEX is leading the pack.

We also reintroduced large swiss tournaments for testing, and we were able to find another corner-case bug– this time with deleting decks– that we’re going to solve in a future patch. We thank you again for helping us test this feature. Having hundreds of HEX players with such a variety of habits and behaviors is incredible in finding those bugs and allowing us to quickly identify them.

Speaking of new features, we’re currently testing our tutorial and it’s coming along very well. We’re working on polishing the feature, but so far we feel very good about the functionality and you should be seeing the tutorial very soon. You can see a screenshot of if below.

HEX Tutorial In Progress

Finally, Kevin Jordan introduced you to the streamlining of Mercenaries and unveiled the Gen Con 2014 Mercenary! This brings harmony in the relationship of the champion and the mercenary, as well as gives a glimpse into our thought processes when developing this feature.

That’s all for this week. Please leave any questions or comments in the forums linked below, and don’t forget to Like us on FacebookFollow us on Twitchregister on our forums, and Follow us on Twitter.

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