Gems Now Available

Oct 25, 2013

With patch 812-B, we’ve implemented Socketing into the game and you can begin customizing your cards with gems. For those of you that may need a primer on what these gems do, you can visit our Socketed Cards web page.

Gems are items that you ‘socket’ into your cards that feature a ‘gem socket’, and these gems will fundamentally change the way the card plays. By matching gems with different cards, you can create a multitude of gameplay effects, and customize your deck and play experience like never before! Let’s walk through the process so you can quickly gem your cards and enhance the power of your deck.

Step 1 – Knowing the tools you have to work with

You need to know both the gems you have available, and the socketing cards in order to take maximum advantage in the decks you build. You can see all the socketing cards in the card manager quickly by searching for only cards with one socket in the Advanced Filters. You can see all the gems below, but only some of the gems are currently available in the alpha build. As we progress through alpha, we’ll continue to add the remaining gems.

Gems List

Step 2 – Opening the socketing interface

You put gems into the socket by first adding the card to your deck.

HEX Card Collection Deck Interface

Next you’ll want to zoom in on the socketed card in your deck by clicking the right-mouse-button on the card. Here you’ll see that you can left-mouse-click on the empty socket to open the socketing interface.

Empty Socket

Step 3 – Socketing a card

Now that you have the socketing interface open, it’s time to get some gems into these cards! The interface currently looks like this:

Socketing Interface

The menu on the right shows all the gems you can put into the empty socket. Click the arrow to socket a gem into a card. You’ll see that it has been socketed at the bottom of the window. You can put a new gem into a card at any time by just clicking the arrows.

Once you close the socketing window it will take you back to your zoomed in version of the card. Now you will see the tool tip on the socket for which gem is in the card.

Socketing Card

To socket more than one of the same card, you can click the arrows at the top of the zoomed card to go to “2 of 4”, and so on, to see the other cards with the same name, repeating these socketing steps each time.

Step 4 – Save your deck

Remember to save your deck after you’ve socketed your cards, or else you won’t see them in game!

Step 5 – Global dominance

Now head into the Proving Grounds and battle with your new creations!

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