HEX Update – Constructed Battles

Jul 18, 2014

Hi HEXers! There was a ton of news and we want to make sure you don’t miss any of it! First, let’s talk about decklists!

Tectonic Megahulk HEX TCG


HEX community, this is your metagame! While we were testing the large 128 person tournaments, we also logged a good portion of the undefeated decks from each tournament. These decklists will give you a general idea as to what kind of decks are successful right now and, more importantly, how you should be building your custom brews in order to beat the popular builds. You may also find some inspiration for decks that you’ve been trying to build and gain insight into some synergies, card combos that can help take your deck to the top!  We’re also working on integrating mouseover gems and champions into the decklist feature on, so you should see that in a few weeks.

Maybe Over…. 9,000?

Speaking of tournaments, we buffed the prizes to our Constructed queues with extra packs with no price increase.  This brings them in-line with current Draft tournament rewards per cost of platinum.

Competitive Constructed Queue

Entry fee: 300 plat

  • 1st Place: 7 packs, 20,000 gold
  • 2nd Place: 4 packs, 17,000 gold
  • 3rd and 4th Place: 2 packs, 10,000 gold
  • 5th through 8th Place: 5,000 gold


Constructed Queue

Entry fee: 300 plat

  • 3 wins: 5 packs, 20,000 gold
  • 2 wins: 2 packs, 12,000 gold
  • 1 wins: 1 pack, 5,000 gold
  • 0 wins: 1 pack, 5,000 gold


That’s no misprint. In the Constructed Queue, you get at least 1 pack no matter how many games you win!

As for large tournaments, our engineering and QA teams were able to identify a bug with the 128-person scheduled events that would cause the tournament server to crash. There are many steps in which a player would have to go through to reproduce it, but we are also unable to prevent a user from accidentally triggering it until our next patch. So, for now, 128 person tournaments currently down.

HEX Constructed Challenge

We’re also going to go where HEX has never gone before—beyond 128 players! Next Saturday, July 26th at 11 AM Pacific (18:00 GMT), we’re going to be hosting a Constructed tournament with no player cap. You’ll get to play against HEX Entertainment staff members and win prizes, plus bonus prizes if you match up against one of our staff bounties. It’s free to enter. What we’re doing is testing server load and our swiss pairings in tournaments beyond the 128 cap, so please log in and help us test the readiness of that feature. If you end up beating one of our bounties, make sure to take a screenshot and let the world know!

Streaming Content Delivered To You Web 3.0 Buzzword

We want to remind you that community members Infam0usne0 and Cirouss are hosting a 48-hour stream for Child’s Play. That’s just two weeks away! They’ll be giving away prizes to viewers and people pledging donations to Child’s Play, including a vanity card to be put into Set 3! So, mark your calendars for August 1st, 12:01 AM Pacific and make sure to follow the HEXTCG Twitch channel!

Before that happens, there will be another stream! Gwaer called out R&D PVP lead designer Ben Stoll to a challenge. The prize? Pride. That’s always a good one. The other prize is that Ben will reveal a Set 2 spoiler should Gwaer win! No pressure, right? So, follow Gwaer’s stream and tune in to his channel at 8:00 PM Pacific (3:00 GMT) on Wednesday, July 23rd and you might just see a new Shattered Destiny card. The whole community is counting on you, Gwaer!


Playing the Market

Today, Chark uploaded all our auction house sales data for the past few weeks. Our community members are discussing their newfound information and pulling out some great numbers, so jump in and join the conversation!

Two Gems, One Card

Cory blogged this week, this blog focusing on his E3 experience and spoiling some upcoming Shattered Destiny cards. Come see what Bittybolt, Splashy, and Stormpuff are all about!

That’s all for this week. Please leave any questions or comments in the forums linked below, and don’t forget to Like us on FacebookFollow us on Twitchregister on our forums, and Follow us on Twitter.

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