HEX Update – Convention Season

Aug 1, 2014

Hi HEXers! Today, we’ll be focusing on a few big things. First, for those of you looking for Beta keys, you can find some on the HEXTCG Reddit! We’ll be sending weekly groups of beta keys to the awesome community organizers over there. If you’re looking for a Beta Key, you can hit this link and ask. Good luck, and don’t forget to download the Quick Start Guide and watch the How to Play Video!


Infam0usne0 and Cirouss are hosting a 48 Hour Child’s Play Charity Stream on the Twitch HEX channel right now! They’re quickly approaching $10,000 collected from you, our very generous community. Thank you so much for contributing to Child’s Play. If you’re not familiar with the organization, they donate games to children’s hospitals because, well, being sick as a kid sucks and gaming is great. The stream has about 30 hours to go, so let’s give them some support!

Playing With the Devs

If you participated in last week’s Dev Tournament/Stress Test, we’ve deposited 3 Constructed Queue tickets and 1 128-player ticket into your account. We’re also going to support more Dev matches starting next week. When our various HEX team members have some time or wants to play a game during lunch, they’ll be queuing through the random matchmaking feature in Proving Grounds. So, any time you’re using the “Play Random Opponent” feature, you have a chance of meeting one of us!

If you missed yesterday’s Tumblr update, Cory blogged about collecting, his SDCC experience, and revealed the two extremely limited HEXTCG Shards of Fate posters to be released at Gen Con and online.

Convention Season

For those of you attending Gen Con Indianapolis, we have everything you’ll need to know about HEX! First, we have two locations. Our demo booth is #601 on the main show floor.  That’s where you can take a demo, sign up for a HEX Beta account, and meet some of the team. For those of you who want to battle, we have the HEX LAN in Hall F featuring two events. Signing up for either gets you a Jovial Pippit sleeve code!

Jovial Pippit HEX Sleeves

LAN WARS! It’s $10 for unlimited matches over the weekend. For signing up, you’ll get the Pippit Sleeve Code. The winner of each match gets a choice between Alternate Art card Jovial Pippit or Brosi-Buk mercenary code!

Jovial Pippit Alternate Art

Brosi Buk Mercenary HEX

Booster Draft! We also have drafts available, though they’re currently sold out. We may open up more during the weekend, so drop by the LAN and ask. For $8, all players will receive 1 free Booster Draft ticket to use on their own account once they return home from the convention. Second place will get a choice of the Alternate Art card or Mercenary code. The winner of each draft will receive both and the limited Shards of Fate poster signed by the development team!

HEX Shards of Fate poster

If you’re a HEX blog or website and want to interview one of the HEX staff members at Gen Con, please email with your name, a link to your work, and what the angle of your piece is. We’ll find the right team member for you and schedule a time for your interview.

For those of you attending GamesCom in Germany, our friends at Gamona are running a competition to have dinner with Cory Jones! He won’t make you split the check. We promise.

And for those of you who can’t attend Gen Con, we’ll be making both the Gen Con 2013 and 2014 alternate art cards and mercenaries available digitally through the game client for some period of time in the future, as promised. We’ll give you plenty of notice when that event will be and how you can potentially get these promos.

That’s all for this week. Please leave any questions or comments in the forums linked below, and don’t forget to Like us on FacebookFollow us on Twitchregister on our forums, and Follow us on Twitter.

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