HEX Update – Free Tournament This Saturday

Jul 25, 2014

Hi HEXers! We got some reminders, announcements, and a Shattered Destiny spoiler. So, let’s get right to it with the Friday HEX update!


HEX Free Constructed Challenge

First, we have our Free Constructed Challenge tomorrow, Saturday July 26th, at 11 AM Pacific (18:00 GMT).

Cost – Zero platinum (FREE!)

  • 4 Wins – 12 Shards of Fate packs, 20,000 gold
  • 3 Wins – 6 Shards of Fate packs, 10,000 gold
  • 2 wins – 2 Shards of Fate packs, 5,000 gold
  • 1 win – 1 Shards of Fate pack

This tournament has no player cap. That means everyone can play! We’re looking to test tournaments larger than 128 players, and we’re also testing server load with those tournaments. HEX Entertainment staff will also be in the queue. Should you meet any of them on the fields of battle, they’ll give you a store code for 3 packs and a draft ticket, win or lose. BAM! So, come help us out and win some prizes too. Thanks!

On a separate note, let’s take a moment to celebrate that throughout closed beta, you players have competed in over 10,000 tournaments! Have you won one? Do you have a crazy story from one of your matches? Comment in the forums linked at the bottom of the page and let us know.

Wax On

Second, we’re currently working on our next patch and that includes upgrades to some of our backend services. With that, we’re improving the UI and we’re introducing text with improved legibility in the client. We’ll need a future patch to adjust how the client processes the text to see the final product in terms of improved text legibility, but we’re well on our way. You can see some of the screenshots below.

New Log-In Screen
New HEX Log In

New Auction House
New HEX Auction House

Old Hand vs New Hand
Old HEX Hand
New HEX Hand

What’s the best nation in the world? Donation!

A reminder that we have a big event next weekend as well! Community members Infam0usne0 and Cirouss will be streaming August 1st at 12:01 AM Pacific for 48 hours straight with all donations going to Child’s Play charity. Guest stars! HEX Jeopardy! Games! Drafts! Giveaways! The stream will have it all. Thanks to all of you, they’ve busted through their first two goals and now sit at around $1,100. Congratulations and thank you, HEX community. If you want to donate, hit the link and pledge. Make sure to Follow the HEXTCG channel and hang out August 1st. You never know who’s going to pop in or what might happen!

Gwaer, Hero to You and I

On Wednesday, community member Gwaer battled game designer Ben Stoll for the chance to preview a Shattered Destiny card. Both brought gimmick jank decks, but somehow we’re a little suspect of Gwaer’s deck and it’s “jank cred” considering how easily he steamrolled our HEX representative, but Ben is a man of his word. If you missed the card reveal on Wednesday, you can see it below!

HEX Brood Missionary

The Best Things In Life Are Free!

Our lead writer and resident Loregoyle, Michael Kirchhoff, wrote a crazy sci-fi novel called The Fifth Beast. And at this very moment, you can download it to your Kindle for free. It doesn’t get any more free than FREE! This offer ends on Tuesday, July 29th, so go ahead and download your free e-book right now. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can easily get the free Kindle app for your tablet, phone, or PC/Mac.

As a side note, the cover art for The Fifth Beast was done by the amazing Filip Acovic, who also created the art for some of the most iconic HEX cards in Set 1 (such as Zoltog, Eldritch Dreamer, Incubation Slave, and more).

(FYI: This is not the HEX novel, it is a side project by a member of the HEX team. Enjoy!)


That’s all for this week. Please leave any questions or comments in the forums linked below, and don’t forget to Like us on FacebookFollow us on Twitchregister on our forums, and Follow us on Twitter.

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