HEX Update – Zombies

Feb 21, 2014

Hi HEXers. For those of you not currently sucked into Olympics coverage or busy fighting a meta-war for Anarchy or Democracy through TwitchPlaysPokemon, it’s the weekly HEX update!

(Go Anarchy!)

We applied a patch yesterday to introduce new cards, implement new card frames, and fix a few problems, including players who experienced what our engineers called a “plagued client.” Our brave team exposed themselves to the disease to best understand it.

Plagued Engineers

Don’t worry; the engineers are doing fine now after being administered the cure-all of chicken wings and Mountain Dew by medical professionals. The plagued clients were HEX clients that could not enter tournaments or any other PVP game due to a miscommunication between the load balancer and the game servers. When entering another tournament, they would pass on the plague to the 7 other clients in the tournament who would go on to pass it to 7 others. This most recent patch should solve that issue, though initial testing and feedback show there to be some other tournament and match bugs that popped up with this patch. Our engineers have identified where they believe the problem is happening and they are working on finding the culprit in the code. The patch also included some incomplete code for functionality involving the ability to resume tournaments should a server crash, so that’s causing some issues with the tournament functionality as well.

The Headless Client
Unlike his horseman brother, this guy is an ally. What the headless client does is run through hundreds of HEX matches and provides that feedback directly to the engineers. We have a virtual army of these headless friends, testing future patches through our Quality Assurance client. Today, our engineers upgraded his reporting tools and he’s grinding all weekend to find those problems. He doesn’t mind the overtime.

In the Newsstands
For you Game Informer subscribers, HEX has a great feature this month that you can read in their print magazine. Check your mailbox!

U-N-I-T-Y 3D
Unity Engineers– we need you! We need one awesome Unity engineer to join the HEX team here in Lake Forest, CA! If you want to revolutionize digital trading card games with us, please apply at the email found the link. There are sodas and donuts and we’ll give you monitors that rotate and swivel to go vertical– straight up like a roller coaster! It’s wild.

Buffs and Nerfs
The good fellows in R&D have set up a subforum for users to provide feedback on their experiences with Set 1, Shards of Fate. Over the next few weeks, please try keep discussion focused on card concerns or combination of cards being too powerful, too weak, difficult to play against, too disruptive to a deck you are trying to make, or can elaborate as to what you feel your deck is missing that would make it perfect. Please also respect the feedback of others and don’t get derailed discussing the validity of others feedback. So, play around with HEX and let us know what you think of the cards!

Video Armageddon
Good luck to all those participating in the event this weekend. If you haven’t signed up yet, please remember that their community event spans multiple months and you accumulate points to enter into the final tournament. So, it’s never too late to join.

That’s all from us this week. Thanks again for your continued support of HEX. Please leave any questions or comments in the forums linked below, and don’t forget to Like us on FacebookFollow us on Twitchregister on our forums, and Follow us on Twitter.

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