Patch v825 Breakdown

Mar 1, 2014

Hello HEXers, welcome to the Patch 825 Breakdown. We have a real gem for everyone this week…tons of new cards, sleeves, and socketed effects! Whats not to love with patch 825? Let’s dive right in to the patch notes

Patch Notes

• Deck Sleeves are now in the game. Each player now has 8 sleeves to attach to their decks via the “create” or “save as” deck menu.

• Socketable cards now have visual effects to help them stand out more
• Tool tips for the gem selection window are no longer behind the gem selection interface
• Tournament timer now correctly resets matches
• The user interface for chat has been upgraded
• Improved tournament stability
• Players will now get a warning if they try to save a deck with an empty socket on a card
• Card text scaling has been improved
• Players can now remove a gem in the socketing interface
• Exiting from the New Deck interface will no longer still create a new deck
• Removed several text strings throughout the client
• Buried card animation has been sped up
• Improved the hit box of card linking in game text
• Added text to a card will now show duplicate added text
• Voided cards now correctly go into the appropriate player’s void zone
• Long deck names will no longer break the text boundary

Bird ’o Plenty
Te’talca, Orc Gladiator // Te’talca, High Cleric
Spawn of Othuyeg
Kindling Skarn // Burning Skarn // Hellfire Skarn
Puck, Dream Bringer

• Xentoth’s Inquisitor now correctly modifies its cost when it returns to your hand
• Wild Orb of Primordium now has the correct threshold requirement again
• Doppelgadget can no longer incorrectly target shape shifter artifacts
• Flock of Seagulls now correctly is dealt damage from battle effects
• Survival of the Fittest will no longer incorrectly resolve if one of the troops is destroyed or changes zones as a response
• “As Enters Play” triggers now correctly resolve before “Enters Play” triggers
• Zombie Plague now reads: “At the start of your turn, reveal three random cards from each opposing champion’s deck. Troops revealed this way gets permanent -1[ATK]/-1[DEF]. Then, void each of those troops with [DEF] 0 or less. Create a Zombie. for each troop voided this way and put them into play.”

• Spawn of Othuyeg’s power is triggering off 9 cards in the opponent’s discard pile
• On zoomed cards in the collection the hit box of the gem selection button is slightly lower than it should be
• Gem socket visual effect are not appearing in all cases on smaller versions of the cards
• Whispers can only be seen from the Social tab right now
• Te’talca, High Cleric does not work correctly in some cases, such as the life gain from life siphon


Card Spotlight

Bird o plenty

A compelling six cost sapphire card that allows it controller to draw a card for the amount of damage it would take. This effect can be deceptively powerful and hard to deal with. Try using void effect and spells like Atrophy to deal with this card before it draws your opponent plenty of cards.

Te'talca, orc gladiator

The mighty Orc Gladiator, Te’talca will quickly take over the game if left unchecked for too long. There are few troops that can withstand a her battle power, using it on your opponents turn will give you the opportunity to respond to removal. Once she has defeated a troop in a battle she will transform into Te’talca, High Cleric giving your cards and effects double damage. This power can quickly end games and also effects charge powers like Gozzog’s.

Spawn of Othuyeg

This voidtouched troop will quickly become a centerpiece in any mill deck. Once your opponent has ten or more cards in their graveyard this card becomes very effective, making drawing this two resource card later in the game still effective.

Kindling Skarn

This tiny ruby beast because more powerful for each action you play during a turn. If you played two or more actions he will transform into Burning Skarn a more ferocious beast with the same effect. Finally, he will transform into Hellfire Skarn which receives plus three attack and defense permanently for each action you play. The trick with kindling skarn is keeping your hand full of actions to transform him, the best way to do this is pairing sapphire with your deck for the draw effects.


Pucks brings a powerful ability to wild ramp decks, allowing them to play their monstrous troops as early as turn three. Adding a higher than normal number of five cost or higher troops to your deck is a easy way to take advantage of Puck. His effect will also work on any card with its cost modified from cards like Buccaneer or Time Ripple.

New Features

Patch 825 introduces Sleeves for constructed decks! Once you create a deck you will be able to select your desired sleeve from the “name deck screen”. If you would like to add sleeves to your currently saved decks, hitting the save as button will allow you to add them. Players will have eight full art sleeves to choose from, keep in mind these sleeves are only for testing purposes and players will not be able to keep them once HEX moves into Beta. Please report any issues you discover with sleeves in our bug report spread sheet.

Card Sleeves

Finally, patch v825 also improves the socketing interface!

Socketed Effects

Before you go, take a look at the new Socketable cards visual effects. When socketing a gem, the runes on the right side of the card will glow and magic will run across the gem itself. You’ll be able to see this glow on the game board as well.

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