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Lady Cassandra – PVE Only


The fair Lady Cassandra is formidable in combat and also happy to gain you a ton of health. She is also customizable: Lady Cassandra is your first look at a troop card that can be socketed with one of 20 different powerful gems! And check out her gear: with her legendary ring you’ll be able to access Ruby, Diamond, and Sapphire thresholds, helping ensure that if you want to unite all three human kingdoms in one deck, you’ll be able to play your other cards with ease.



Replicator’s Gambit – PVP Alternate Art


So let’s see, you’ve got a troop that you like, he’s got some cool powers, but there’s still something missing. What if it read “When this troop enters play, create six copies of it!” Perfect! Replicator’s Gambit will graft that text right onto your troop of choice. You’re gonna need a little luck to re-draw it (it is a gambit, after all) but isn’t the knowledge that your opponent is probably facedown in his keyboard with despair and disbelief more than worth it?

Void Marauder – PVE Only


This guy can get downright crazy, and fast. If you manage to send 5 actions to your graveyard, Void Marauder is yours for the low, low cost of zero. It’s a ton of fun to build a deck around Void Marauder, figuring out exactly which actions you’re excited to play a gajillion copies of. If you really want to go all-in on the Void Marauder, you also might appreciate some of that gear.

Spectral Assassin – PVE Only

Orson's Dream

Every breath opposing troops take, every move they make, every STEP THEY TAKE, Spectral Assassin will be watching them. And if he’s in your hand, he’ll also be killing them! This card is a blast to play with, giving you the unique experience of actually hoping that the dungeon puts nasty troops into play. Make the stalking endless and make it thorough with the Hushed Cutter and the Silent Strike Armor.

Zoltog – PVE Mercenary Champion



Princess Victoria – PVP Alternate Art


Ah, the lovely Princess Victoria, daughter to His Majesty, King Gabriel. You’ll notice this familial bond is present even in her highness’s equipment. Princess Victoria is one of many human troops that feature the Inspire ability, which permanently enhances each troop you play that has an equal or greater cost than her. If she’s in your opening hand, that would be every single troop that you play. In this case, the benefit granted by Inspire is Lifedrain, which means anytime those troops deal damage, you gain that much health. Although she’s completely formidable on turn 3, it’s hard to have a better start to a game of HEX than triggering her bonus for being in your opening hand.

Prospero, Sylvan Enchanter – PVE Only


Yep, every single turn a Tempest Strike will appear out of thin air and pop right into your hot little hand of cards. Other than making your troops practically impossible to engage in combat with effectively, Prospero, like most HEX cards, has some subtle possibilities that might not be obvious at first glance. For example, it might be kind of fun if he and the aforementioned Void Marauder became friends, huh? Also, Prospero has some of the most downright amazing gear on this whole dang page. Uh, Tempest Strike FTW?

Orson’s Dream – PVE Only

Orson's Dream

What was Orson’s Dream? I think he was dreaming about transforming into a giant dinosaur/dragon/kraken and tearing his enemies to pieces. Whoops, did I say Kraken? We haven’t spoiled that card yet, you heard nothing! This is the kind of card that makes me love Hex so much, this thing can already turn into about 200 different troops, and counting! Get a little insurance for your dream with the Helm of the Dream Bear.

The Crowd Roars! – PVE Only

Orson's Dream

Bebo – PVE Mercenary Champion

Bebo’s abilities create special ‘Parts’ cards. These cards are 0 cost modifications that can only target other artifacts. At his first level, he only has a small selection of parts that do some minor things (eg, give an artifact troop +1/+0) but as he progresses, more complex and specific parts become available to him. Eventually he gains the ability to look at two random parts and pick the one specific to the job at hand. He plays very well in an artifact deck where you keep tinkering with your contraptions until you create a monstrosity to destroy your opponent with.

Burgamot Ebonrock – PVE Mercenary Champion



Extinction – PVP Alternate Art


Every last troop in sight bites the dust. This card will be a crucial staple of many control decks in any tournament format for a long time to come. In other words, in addition to being awesome, these will be quite valuable to all types of players. If you’re dungeon crawling instead of tournament crawling, you can even keep troops off the board for another two turns while you finish your master plan, with the all-powerful equipment Grips of the Unfortunate!

Scourge Knight – PVE Only


The fun thing about this guy is not just getting some gigantic troop card into play potentially as early as turn 3, but getting to steal some juicy monstrosity from one of the dungeons or raids that you’d normally never get to play with! Make whatever you steal even more terrifying with the Scourge Knight’s gear.

Moment of Glory – PVE Only


Ninja Training – PVE Only


Glorfenblort – PVE Mercenary Champion

Mooof – PVE Mercenary Champion



Ragefire – PVP Alternate Art


This card is practically the essence of the Ruby shard. Damage, damage, damage! Remember, the Ragefire you play goes back into your deck when you play it (not your graveyard), and all of your Ragefires permanently double in power, regardless of whether they’re in your hand, deck, or anywhere else. In other words, Ragefire gets out of control very easily. Also, you may see a bit of a teaser if you read the Staff of the Devouring Conflagration: this ain’t the only card with the Escalation keyword in HEX.

The Wrath of Zakiir – PVE Only


Once you’re a dragon, you’ll be up in the air and unable to be attacked by those inferior non-winged types of troops, which will make it that much easier to incinerate everything in sight with your fiery breath, turn after turn. After you track down some gear during your dungeon crawling adventures, you can be the type of dragon that hordes treasure, or comes with a dragon friend. Really, it’s pretty hard to have too many dragons.

Mephistophelius – PVE Mercenary Champion

Cardboard Tube Samurai – PVE Mercenary Champion



Pack Raptor – PVP Alternate Art


Gotta love this little guy. Well, he’s little until his friends show up and then their friends show up. Then, well, you get the idea. Each new Pack Raptor you play adds another four to your deck, so pretty soon you have a board just filled with dinosaurs waiting to dig their swiftstriking claws into your opponent. His gear is pretty simple—but what could be better than overrunning whatever latest dungeon you’re tackling with even a gajillion more Pack Raptors?

Spectral Lotus Garden – PVE Only

Each day that you login to your HEX account, your Spectral Lotus Garden will provide you a Spectral Lotus, a PVE-only card. So, why would you need a new one every day? Well, the catch is that once you’ve played the Spectral Lotus and then activated it, the card is gone forever (though it does leave behind this nifty Black Tiger). In other words, it’s worth saving these things for when you really need them, whether you’re going all out trying to achieve an impossibly braggable record in the survival-mode arena or trying to conquer some of the most super-difficult super-secret challenges that are hidden throughout the campaign.



Once our Kickstarter campaign ends, there will never, ever, EVER be another way to get a Spectral Lotus. Period. Except, of course, for the Auction House. Wouldn’t it be nice to be the guy who decided to buy in and is now generating passive income until the end of time—incidentally giving you ridiculous bragging rights over all of your friends who didn’t kickstart for a Lotus Garden? There’s always going to be demand for these, because there are very few Lotus Gardens.

Oh, and as far as the Black Tiger goes, he’s a pretty reasonable bloke himself, but what are you gonna do with all those? Well, your Spectral Garden will always let you convert four of them into a brand new Spectral Lotus. The Spectral Garden is the pinnacle of HEX card collection, plain and simple. We spent a lot of time making sure the total package for this would be perfect, because we knew we wanted a seriously awesome reward for the true TCG fans that are going to kickstart us at this tier.

Monkey of the 9 Tails – PVE Mercenary Champion

Aethynia – PVE Mercenary Champion



Raid Leader’s Blessing – PVE Only


It’s dangerous to go alone. Some threats in Entrath require a trio of heroes, and even then it’s going to be a battle. You’ll need every edge you can get, and anybody grouped with an account that backed at the Raid Leader tier will start with the Raid Leader’s Blessing in play. That’s an extra health per turn, plus the power to shield yourself or any of your buddies. It’s good against dragon fire, goblin black magic, or anything else that tries to send you to the grave!