Undefeated Decklists

Jul 15, 2014

Over the last two weeks, we’ve been testing our 128-person scheduled Constructed tournaments. Below you’ll find some of the undefeated decklists from those tournaments.

Player: Maybesomeday
Deck: Blood/Ruby Orcs

Player: aVen
Deck: Blood/Wild Big guys

Player: BOOT
Deck: Ruby/Diamond Deal & heal

Player: Camya
Deck: Mono Diamond

Player: Cirouss
Deck: Ruby/Sapphire combo

Player: Desp
Deck: Mono Wild Eye of Creation

Player: Infamousneo
Deck: Blood/Diamond Control

Player: JonusHexx
Deck: Blood/Sapphire Control

Player: Khendral
Deck: Blood/Sapphire Mid range

Player: Leetgriefer
Deck: Ruby/Sapphire Control

Player: nononsense
Deck: Ruby/Sapphire Mid range

Player: Rook
Deck: Diamond/Sapphire Tempo

Player: Seireitei
Deck: Diamond/Wild Eye

Player: Wyred
Deck: ShinHare

Player: Blasta
Deck: Blood/Sapphire control

Player: Brynhildr
Deck: Blood/Diamond Mid range

Player: dmcAxle
Deck: Human Inspire

Player: Kindmime
Deck: Diamond/Sapphire Control

Player: Zocc
Deck: Sapphire/Wild Mid range

Player: BOOT
Deck: Wild/Ruby Aggro

Player: Isengard
Deck: Wild/Sapphire/Ruby Combo

Player: TheGunslinger
Deck: Mono Wild

Player: Totalizator
Deck: Wild/Diamond Oath of Bunnies

Player: ArmiesOfMordor
Deck: Human Triumphrate