Account Leveling Rewards Update

Apr 6, 2018

Hey, everyone! This is Jared Saramago from the HEX R&D team. Today we’ve got some news to share about the future of Account Leveling rewards. Let’s dive right into the details!

Coming up to Standards

With the release of the next major set, we will be updating the rewards granted by earning account levels to ensure that all the card rewards are legal for the next Standard format. Because you can advance your leveling progress through nearly any mode and format in HEX, we felt it was important that the rewards you receive also be usable in all those formats as well. Updating the rewards to be Standard legal cards will mean you can still take them right into whatever game mode you want to.

We will be replacing the lower level common rewards that are intended for newer players, (the Herofall commons like Crackling Tide and Sapper’s Wallbuster,) with commons from a newer set. We’ll also be swapping out the Alternate Art reward cards that can be collected at higher levels with new AA cards.

As such, this will be your last chance to earn cards like the AA Underworld Crusader and AA Dark Heart of Nulzann. They will be replaced with an all new set of Standard legal AA cards for players who reach those same leveling milestones. Here is a table of the current AA reward cards that can be earned:

AA Bring to Justice Levels 22 – 25
AA Boltspasm Levels 47 – 50
AA Underworld Crusader Levels 72 – 75
AA Dark Heart of Nulzann Levels 97 – 100
AA Bring To JusticeAA Boltspasm
AA Underworld CrusaderAA Dark Heart of Nulzann

We are just getting the ball rolling on what the new AA cards will be, so we felt it was a bit premature to talk about them in detail. But we’ll be sure to preview the art to you guys before they go live.

Raising the Bar

In addition to the current rewards rotating, we will also be increasing the number of available account levels to achieve by raising the level cap to 200!

For anyone who has already reached the level 100 milestone, you’ll be able to earn the new AA reward cards by ascending to the new level 200 cap. We’ve designed the reward structure to have a fairly predictable pattern, where the rewards from levels 100 to 200 often mimic the rewards from 0 to 100. For example, levels 72-75 will reward the cool new rare AA card, which is also the reward for reaching levels 172-175.  Here is a table listing the levels that reward the new AA cards:

New Common AA Levels 22 – 25 Levels 122 – 125
New Uncommon AA Levels 47 – 50 Levels 147 – 150
New Rare AA   Levels 72 – 75 Levels 172 – 175
New Legendary AA Levels 97 – 100 Levels 197 – 200

No matter what your level is when this update goes live, you’ll have the possibility of earning all the new AA leveling prizes. In fact, if you’re starting from level 1 and manage to ascend all the way to 200 before the next time we update the rewards, you could earn 2 playsets of these AAs… but you’ll have a long road ahead of you!

As promised, we wanted to give everyone a heads-up about when we would be updating the account leveling feature while still affording enough time to collect any leveling rewards you might still be seeking. We understand that some of you may be disappointed that the opportunity to collect the current crop of AA cards will be going away, but we believe it is necessary to maintain the desirability of our most unique account leveling prizes and to ensure that the prizes remain Standard legal as was explained earlier. Doombringer was just recently launched, so if you’ve been following our set release cadence, you can expect to still have a few more months until the format rotates and this all goes into effect. If you want the current AA rewards, you still have some time to go get them.

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading, and until next time!

HEXSirSleepy | Jared Saramago

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