Ardor Day 2017

Jan 27, 2017

Hello everyone! Ardor day is upon us once more. Pucid the Imp stalks the land, and love is in the air.

You may recall the last entry from the journal of Lord Bernard P. Dunthorpe on this strange Entrathian phenomenon. Let’s turn the page and see what else our esteemed scholar has to say:

While it is common sense to board yourself up on Ardor Day, lest Pucid find you and claim another victim, it does leave one with plenty of time to think. How something can be both stressful AND boring is a continual source of amazement. Still, it leaves me time for my writings, and for that, at least, I am grateful.

With all the strange couplings going on outside, I can’t help but think of the old adage to “listen to one’s heart.” Usually this is something we say to encourage someone to break boundaries and follow their own path. Normally, this is good advice, for what else is there in this life but happiness? Yet the thought that leaves me shaken and holed up away from the revelry outside is that the path I am following might not be my own.

Pucid's Whispers

How can you tell if the voice you are listening to belongs to that wretched imp? And does it matter for those who give themselves over to Pucid? Is love granted by another any less real than one you find within? I don’t know that I have any answers to those questions, but at least for today I am keeping my doors and windows sealed tight.

– from the journal of Lord Bernard P. Dunthorpe

Ardor Day

Starting from February 10th at 10AM PST (Worldclock) the Ardor Day event will begin! The event runs through February 24th at 10AM PST (Worldclock). We urge all inhabitants of Entrath to stay clear of Pucid the Imp!

Upon logging in, you will be given an Ardor day sleeve to commemorate your ability to dodge and evade Pucid the matchmaker!

2017 Ardor Day Sleeve

But if you are looking for some burning passion, hop into a tournament and earn an Alternate Art Ashwood Firebrand!

Notice me, Sempai

Playing in dungeons across Entrath can reward players with the Pucid’s Whispers card and its equipment pieces, the Heartbeat Bow and the Rendezvous Slippers. A little bit of love can go a long way. Tell the AI to “be mine” today!

To earn these rewards, champions must defeat any dungeon during the Ardor Day holiday:

So how do you get the Ardor Day rewards?

Sleeve: The first time a player logs in during this holiday, they will receive the Ardor Day 2017 sleeve.

Alternate Art Card: All tournaments will have a participation prize of an AA Ashwood Firebrand card. Basically, enter a tournament, get the card.

Players that win a constructed ranked ladder match will have a 25% chance of earning an AA Ashwood Firebrand card.

PvE Card and Equipment: Players can earn PvE items by playing in the Campaign dungeons. There is one card and two equipment items to earn. By defeating any dungeon you will earn one of the three items at random. Each of them has a percent chance to drop: 15% on the Rare Equipment, 25% on the Uncommon Equipment, and 60% on the Card.


  • Pucid’s Whispers


  • Rendezvous Slippers (Rare)
  • Heartbeat Bow (Uncommon)

Happy Ardor Day!

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