Arena Test Server– It’s Back!

Feb 11, 2015

More arena testing and a free tournament this weekend


Arena Test Server – It’s Back

Last weekend, HEX players were able to log into the Arena test server and check out the latest upcoming feature. This weekend, we’re going to bring it back. From 10 AM Pacific Thursday through Saturday evening, we’re going to open up the Arena test server to more testing. The information you, the community, provided last weekend was invaluable in helping us identify and fix problems, as well as improve the game. We would love it if you could help us give this latest version a run and find more bugs, test large-scale tournaments.

To download click here!* PC version available only for the test.

For Mac testing follow the instructions by DataDragon here.

We’ve opened up a separate sub-forum for the test server for feedback and a sub-forum for bug reports. The Bug-Reports sub-forum will have a known issues as well.

Please keep in mind that we will not be reimbursing any platinum, gold, cards, or any other items that are lost on the test server due to bugs. But don’t worry, your live account is completely safe.

Free Tournament Saturday, February 14th

Once you’ve downloaded the Arena Test Server client and installed it, you can participate in the free Sealed Deck tournament on February 14th at 12 Noon Pacific [Worldclock]. The cards you open won’t carry over to your live game account, but prizes do. Participants in the free tournament receive 1 free Constructed Queue Entry Ticket and then pack prizes depending on record.

4 Wins – 10 Shattered Destiny booster packs
3 Wins – 6 Shattered Destiny booster packs
2 Wins – 3 Shattered Destiny booster packs
1 Win – 2 Shattered Destiny booster packs
0 Wins – 1 Shattered Destiny booster pack

Prizes will be distributed to your live accounts at 5 PM Pacific on Monday, February 16th. If you’re new to tournaments, you can learn about each format on our tournaments page.

UPDATE: We’ve been able to come to a final decision on the rewards for the Large-Scale Tournament Test. Please be aware that this only reflects the large-scale tournament and not Arena testing at large.

We will be inserting the rewards into accounts today at 5:30 Pacific (Worldclock). This will be automated and you will not receive an in-game mail when the item is inserted.

  • For players who tried logging in between 8AM and 12PM Pacific, but were not able to get past the loading screen or join a tournament, or joined the largest tournament, will receive 1 free Constructed Queue Entry Ticket.
  • For players who joined the second and/or third tournaments will receive prizes based on the following pay-outs above.

If you participated in both second and third tournaments, your rewards will stack. EXAMPLE: If you won once in the first tournament and won twice in the second tournament, you will be receiving the following rewards: 2 (two) free Constructed Queue Entry Tickets and 5 (five) Shattered Destiny booster packs.

For those of you who just participated in the second and third tournaments and did not win, you will still receive the base prizes for each. 2 (two) free Constructed Queue Entry Tickets and 2 (two) Shattered Destiny booster packs.

Please Note: If you did not create an account and log in before 02/01/2015 you will not have an account on the test server. Unfortunately, due to large volume of requests, we cannot create specific test server accounts for users after that date and we apologize for the inconvenience.

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