Artist Interview – Konstantin Porubov

Nov 1, 2017

Hello Hexers! Tyler James here, the Art Director for HEX, and today I bring you another excellent artist feature article. The works of Konstantin Porubov are truly enchanting, and I can’t wait to share them with you. He has an excellent grasp of all artistic principles and brings a wonderful whimsical feel to his illustrations, which is why I felt he was perfect for the pieces he created for us in the new and exciting expansion, Dead of Winter!

We reached out to him for a quick interview. We hope you enjoy!

Konstantin Purobov

Hello everyone! My name is Konstantin and I’m a 2D artist from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I adore The Lord of the Rings, movies and art.

I decided to become an artist during my study at the University at the end of the Bachelor stage. I was pushed to this by my love of games and movies—I wanted to create new concepts of heroes and the atmosphere of the action through illustrations.

Jubilant Sketch

I never studied Art at a special school. Instead, I simply bought a tablet, installed Photoshop, and started to learn computer painting. Of course, self teaching can only go so far—I couldn’t have reached the level of my current knowledge only by myself. I also attended on-line courses and some advanced classes.

My recipe for success is only long and hard work. You need to review thousands of others’ works, analyze other people’s techniques, and never forget about basic knowledge, composition and color. Most importantly, never rest on your laurels. Set new goals and continue to move forward!

JubilantJubilant Destiny

Are you a collector of anything?

I collected various miniatures from different wargames. I liked to assemble and paint historical and fantasy models, but now I do not have enough time. I hope I will return to this someday.

Destiny Sketch

If you were not in the art field what do you think you would be doing?

Now it’s hard for me to imagine life without drawing, but if I try… I think I would become a firefighter. Or maybe I would work with wild animals, make documentaries about them, and travel around the world…

DestinyBattle of Destiny

Are there any hidden messages, meanings, or reoccurring themes in your HEX art?

Unfortunately, I do not have any hidden topics in my works yet, but it’s a good idea, thanks! 🙂

Bouncer Sketch

Do you have a preferred HEX race?

I really like the concept of Vennen. They are frightening and at the same time wonderful. And of course, I love orcs! Who does not like orcs?!

BouncerBrosi's Bouncer

What are your interests outside of art?

I love sports. I go to the swimming pool once or twice a week. I like to read, and of course I adore games.

Brosi Sketch

Do you have a favorite go-to color scheme?

I prefer to work with color right after the draft sketch. I paint over the lines trying to use a minimum number of layers to preserve the naturalness of the painting.


Well, there you have it! Thanks so much to Konstantin for answering our questions and for all the amazing art he has done for us so far. Dead of Winter has some truly fantastic pieces in it, so keep your eyes peeled! And, if you have a favorite piece of art that has been spoiled so far, be sure to let us know in the forums below.

~Tyler James

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