Blood Magic

“When one devotes their existence to extracting truth from those who know nothing but lies, as I have, one learns that pain is an effective tool.”

– Jezraldir, a vennen inquisitor

BloodSymbolBlood Magic is nearly as old as the world itself, and is still not completely understood. Xentoth, the mother of all vennen, is the Primal of Blood Magic, and is ever-vigilant in ensuring that it is used solely for suffering and destruction. While the vennen completely dedicate themselves to the application of Blood Magic, other races have found it to be quite effective, including the antagonistic shin’hare, the fanatical orcs, and the cunning necrotic.

Blood is the essence of corrupted and unnatural magic. Torturing and punishing the opponent, discarding their cards, destroying their troops, and transforming dead troops into zombies are all a result of Blood Magic’s twisted effects. Once Blood Magic takes root, it spreads like a poison and brings doom to anything it touches.