Boonberries Kismet’s (P)reserve Pack

Jul 17, 2017

A secret garden of berry bushes grows under the third window in the main hall of Professor Pog’s Adventure Academy, hidden under a large tangle of thorny-brine branches. Now coincidentally and quite indecently, this is the exact window Professor Pog has a habit of dumping half consumed potions out of during his exceedingly long and tedious lectures on adventure protocols and class responsibilities. If Professor Pog or one of his undoubtedly adventurous students ever took the time to explore what was literally under their noses, they’d find something wholly remarkable—BOONBERRIES. A constant deluge of various potions have transformed the bushes into highly magical vegetation with some unusual properties. These BOONBERRIES are raised from birth to death within earshot of the good Professors lectures, and it has had an impression. They’ve taken it upon themselves to produce generation after generation of ADVENTURE SEEKERS! Yes—Magical Strawberries, Roguish Blackberries, Enlightened Blueberries and Fierce Raspberries—what these berries lack in actual ability, they make up for in bravery and a deep understanding of class protocol and how to properly divide loot.


We are pleased to announce that our next Kismet’s (P)reserve pack is Boonberry themed!

Kismet's Preserve Pack

If you’ve ever wanted to jam up your opponents, you will soon get your chance. This sweet pack is coming to a Chark Mart near you on July 28th! This means that if you want to sneak a few more Oni Packs into your collection, your time is running out. Make sure you grab all you need before this next berry good deal rotates in.

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