Explore the world of Entrath!

Enjoy a fully-featured, story-driven, RPG campaign through the first two areas in the world of Entrath! Create a character from over 30 race-class combinations, each with their own unique talents, card affinities, and playstyles!

Match your wits against AI controlled puzzles and opponents as you uncover the dark events taking foot…

A Custom Experience

By combining the best of both RPG and TCGs, each playthrough of our campaign is distinctly different. Here are just a few of the ways you can customize your play.


Play how you like by investing points in our in-depth talent trees. Each class has multiple builds to give you the edge in your adventures. Combined with over a thousand unique cards, there are nearly limitless ways to tackle each challenge.

Do you want to be a Ranger with a mighty pet by your side? A Mage wielding the untold forces of the universe? Or maybe you like smashing things in the face with your sword, Warrior style. Try them all today, 100% free!

Win with Style

You can also equip your character with gear to give you an edge in battle. Equipment modifies specific cards in your deck, enabling interesting new strategies.

You can build around specific cards and then equip the best pieces of gear for your deck, or you can choose your equipment first and design your deck around their powerful effects. Either way, you can look stylish while you triumph on the field of battle.

It’s Dangerous to go Alone

As if that weren’t enough, you can also enlist the aid of powerful allies throughout the campaign. These mercenaries offer distinct powers, both on and off the battlefield.

Craft your perfect party to overcome the diabolical dungeons scattered across the land.

And this just scratches the surface. There’s so much more packed inside our campaign, from beautiful, custom battleboards to full-art panoramas that tell our story. There are fiendish encounters to overcome, seas to conquer and, of course, sweet loot to collect.

So, what are you waiting for? Try our Campaign today!