Card Preview: July 5th

Jul 5, 2013

by Mike Rosenberg


A little backstory: the world of Entrath wasn’t always a place torn by conflict in pursuit of hex gems. In fact, before the great calamity that threw Entrath and its inhabitants into chaos, the only shards native to the planet were Blood magic and Wild magic.

The comet referenced in today’s preview is what was responsible for bringing Ruby, Sapphire, and and Diamond magics to Entrath and its inhabitants. The collision of what is now known as the hex comet into the planet, as seen in Comet Strike’s effect, caused immense destruction, but it wasn’t until the recovery of its impact, and the ensuing conflicts that followed to obtain the powerful hex gems that the comet left in its wake, that the true havoc and chaos of the comet’s landing was brought to light.

Much like in the story, Comet Strike brings ultimate destruction to the game, voiding everything that each player could conceivably have, and being accessible to any deck. After that, the comet leaves both players super-charged with great power from all five hex gems. Building your deck around Comet Strike lets you best harness its great power; who wouldn’t want to draw a Life Syphon immediately after the Comet Strike bestows you with 10 additional resources?


Orcs. You know them as proud, aggressive, and downright ferocious combatants. Unmerciful Tormentor does little to change people’s minds about what the orcs are capable of.

Unmerciful Tormentor starts off as a simple one cost troop that can get in for some points of damage if the opponent has nothing on defense. However, as you play out the remaining cards in your hand – and you will often do this quick if you are an aggressive orc deck – then the Tormentor jumps up a few sizes. Who likes 4/4s for one resource being in play? I certainly do.

Want to know who doesn’t like 4/4s for one resource? Your opponents, when you’re the one who is hammering away with your giant-sized troop in a fun-sized resource package.

The Tormentor doesn’t have to be the most interesting troop in the world; he just has to be really good at what he does. And the Unmerciful Tormentor is very good at what he does. Stay bloodthirsty my friends.

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