Card Spotlight – Blightbark Court

Jun 15, 2017

Hi everyone! Chris VanMeter here with some exciting previews from Frostheart for you.

Kagulichu has been a very popular champion for quite some time, and with The Blightbark Court being a team of Wild/Blood vampires, plants and humans I was hoping that we might get some awesome cards that either care about things being in the crypt or care about things going to the crypt.

Imagine my surprise when this pair ended up in my mailbox.

Lord BlightbarkLady Violet Blightbark

Alright, now that’s a lot to unpack.

First off, it seems that both of these cards care about Deathcry triggers. Lady Violet Blightbark wants them to be in the crypt, but Lord Blightbark just wants you to put them into play so that you get to double-dip on their triggers.

The very first interaction that came to mind for me when I saw these cards was curving Lord Blightbark into Underworld Crusader. Getting to draw four cards from your Crusader is insane on its own… but that is just the beginning. Remember, we have some new gems with Frostheart, and there are two new ones with Deathcry triggers.

Minor Wild Orb of BlossomsMajor Blood Orb of Fleshcraft

Unfortunately Lord Blightbark is neutral and won’t help you reach the requirements for the Crusader, but there is another card that we can abuse with this curve.

Imagine this sequence: Lord Blightbark into a Rune Ear Hierophant socketed with Minor Wild Orb of Blossoms and Major Blood Orb of Fleshcraft. If you sequence the triggers properly, you’ll end up with a 2/2 Blightbark, a 1/1 Blightblossom, a 3/3 Abomination and a 4/4 Hierophant.

That’s quite a field, and it’s only the third turn!

Oh, and if they happen to kill your Hierophant, you get TWO more Deathcry triggers, and then it’s in your crypt.

Lady Violet Blightbark cares about these troops being in your crypt, so the value just keeps coming. As a 4/4 Flight with Lethal for five, she is decently costed, but once we start to realize that she copies ALL the Deathcry triggers of up to three troops in your crypt, things start to get real crazy real fast.

With the addition of the coins in Scars of War, I didn’t think that Cottontail Explorer could get better. Now with the addition of Lady Blightbark, I am even more excited to plow through my deck. Heck, even Kagulichu’s champion power will help put our deck into our crypt for exciting recursion strats.

I must say, I am extremely impressed with everything that I’ve seen so far from Frostheart. The design and development team have really hit it out of the park with this set, and we are exploring a lot of design space that you can only access in a digital medium.

Hopefully we will see some more Deathcry shenanigans from The Blightbark Court. If there is anything remotely as cool as what we see from their Lord and Lady, the other Frostheart teams are going to be left in the dust.

Or frost… does ice even make dust? Frozen dust.

All hail The Blightbark Court!

Chris VanMeter

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