Card Spotlight – Corners of the World

Nov 7, 2017

Denizens of Entrath have long harnessed the primal magics of Wild and Blood. When the comet HEX crashed into the world, it introduced the gem magics of Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire. These five shards are the basis of the adventures and conflicts on Entrath we have explored thus far, and the groups seeking power and glory in the Frost Ring Arena have brought these powers with them.

However, those who reside in these Hyperborean Mountains tell of a different power, one born from the elements that encompass all things…

Hello everyone, this is Hacky, and I’m here with an all new Dead of Winter spoiler! This legendary card showcases some Hyberborean beliefs about their world and the magics they wield. Let’s take a look:

Corners of the World

Earth and air, water and fire, darkness and light. Anyone can seek to harness the power of these elements, regardless of what shards or magics they may otherwise specialize in! The six stone pillars that comprise this ring are each imbued with an elemental sigil, and the one who brings the Corners of the World into play will align with two of them. These chosen elements then provide a power that activates at the beginning of each of your turns:

Sigil of Earth

Should you activate the Sigil of Earth, the strength of stone will fortify all troops you control, giving them a permanent +1 ATK and +1 DEF at the start of each of your turns. An army of any size and kind will grow increasingly formidable as this power continues to activate, whether they be a mass of Candlekin, Blightblossoms, or a few powerful troops.

Sigil of Air

Should you align with the Sigil of Air, a random troop you control will take to the skies for a short time, gaining +2 ATK/+2 DEF and Flight until the end of turn. Though this troop is chosen at the whim of the winds, the power of air will will continue to grant your troops with evasive strength… whether the first one landed safely or not.

Sigil of Fire

Should you choose the Sigil of Fire, a fiery Blaze Elemental will appear at the start of every turn. Though each elemental is fragile and fleeting, it can pressure your opponent into blocking its 3 ATK every turn, and like the consuming flame, a crafty player will find a way to overrun their opponent. Not to mention, there are some exciting ways to take advantage of a troop entering play and leaving play every turn.

Sigil of Water

Aligning with the Sigil of Water will cause the cards to flow. Like a bubbling spring, you get to draw a card, then discard a card, at the start of each turn. Cycling through your deck like this can not only result in fresh options, but it can also put cards in the crypt to enable deeper strategies.

Sigil of Light

The Sigil of Light will return a random artifact, constant, or troop with cost 3 or less from your crypt into play at the start of each of your turns. Though the returning card is chosen at random, the board advantage offered by this recurring effect is as clear as day.

Sigil of Darkness

Activating a Sigil of Darkness will force your opponent to sacrifice a card with cost 3 or less at the start of your turn. This dark power will continually eat away at your opponent’s board state, and is especially useful for dealing with smaller artifacts or constants which can be harder to answer than troops.

These six elements are each powerful forces on their own, but the person who activates Corners of the World will get to combine the powers of two elements with the strategy of their own deck—the possibilities are practically limitless!

A Deathcry strategy, for example, could align with Light and Earth to bring back Blightbushes and Blightbark Paladins, all the while growing all troops in play. A player facing a Papa Goot constants deck may choose Darkness to curb the mass of cheap constants. An aggressive deck could combine Fire and Air to push their offensive and bypass defenses. A controlling deck could… well, you get the idea.

Corners of the World is flexible, powerful, and exciting. What elements will you combine together?

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