Card Spotlight – Fangstorm

Mar 6, 2018

Hey Hexers! Today we have a bit of a treat. Goliathus, one of our Chinese players, has a card spotlight to share with you all. So kick back, relax, and prepare to get rocked by the latest and greatest from the Pack.


Doombringer. Enders. These are names you all should have known by now. If you don’t, it is never too late to join the spoiler season! If you think you have seen it all about power and destruction, let me tell you, you have not seen sh—Fangstorm yet.


The ongoing conflict has turned the gnolls to the dark side. Between all the outside interference and never ending conflict in the Frost Ring Arena, they need all their soldiers to pull double duty. With the invention of Fatalfuel, the gnolls now have the privilege of staying high on fuel even when they are (un)dead. And these are not your regular slow and clunky undead either; these are the 28 Days Later undead, fast and furious.

Fangstorm might just be the most aggressive 9-cost finisher we have seen from HEX. Really, what are the Enders when compared to a troop who can break most troop-based board stall with a single swing (a board full of Deathcry and/or Rebirth troops being one of the few rare exceptions)?

In limited, Fangstorm is the ultimate stallbreaker and will be the key to bring home the victory for you in a (very) long board stall. The card demands an instant answer from your opponent or a full swing next turn might just be the end.

As for constructed, there are a lot of ideas. The first thought that comes to my mind is to literally replicate the flavor text—a.k.a. bringing it back from the dead. Sapphire/Blood reanimator is already a thing, and its potential will only go higher with the push of discard and draw mechanics from the set. Infinite Crowbone OTK is unlikely to be doable anymore with the new gem rotation, so the deck will need to focus on reanimating the biggest, baddest troops from the crypt and attacking with them for a couple turns. Fangstorm might just be one of the new candidates to consider.

Fangstorm is the perfect card to represent the new shards of The Pack and I cannot wait to see what else the Fatalfuel has in store for us.


Doombringer. Enders. 這些名词对于你们来说应该都不陌生。陌生只能代表你还没有跟上浏览,哪你还等什么呢?赶紧跟上浏览的脚步吧!Doombringer这个版带来了一堆毁灭性十足的卡牌,尤其是名为终结者的新种族。如果你觉得这样已经足够的话,那我只能说你太嫩了。今天让我们瞧瞧来自恩卓特的暴力:獠牙风暴(非官方暂时性译名)。






獠牙风暴完美体现了The Pack的新颜色和他们的新型燃料。Fatalfuel还会带来什么呢?我们拭目以待。

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