Card Spotlight – Light my Fire

Jun 13, 2017

Hello everyone! My name is Kent Ketter. I’m a competitive TCG player and streamer, and today I have a couple illuminating spoilers! Let’s jump right into it with this magnificent waxy monstrosity…


First off, holysmokes Candlekin! I have been excited for Frostheart to give us some more large troops to help swing the mid-game versus Herofall/Strangle decks, and this fits the bill! With the Deploy trigger we either get an instant army or we turn our existing Candlekin into a large Speedy Crush troops. Either way, the days of wishing for Ruby finishers might be behind us; just imagine Tilling the Soil a Candlekin in the crypt into drawing your 2nd Copy of Lumagoth!

Value! Candles! Attackers!

Other possibilities include triggering Lumagoth on a board already full of Candlekin, granting +4/+4 on four troops for a total power pump of 16! If that sounds unlikely, we can just hop into some Parallel Realities for the Illuminate triggers we need. That should be enough that even a Vennen could see the light!


Now to bring ourselves down a little from the lovely glow of Lumagoth; the troop does die to Strangle just the same as every other 4 defense troop. Additionally at 6 cost, playing this into 3 open resources sounds like a fantastic way to fall behind against the Herofall/Deny control decks.

Will Lumagoth be the light we are looking for? Time will tell. It is not all darkness and shadows though! I can see a glow in the distance…wait a minute, why is this candle flying?


It’s waxy, it’s scaly, and boy oh boy does it NOT die to Strangle! I present to you, Lyvaanth, Speed dragon of (y)our dreams! When evaluating new cards, especially expensive troops, I want a card that can make an impact on the board on the turn it hits, or one that has the ability to dodge removal until it can attack. This one hits on both fronts (dodging Strangle and Pyre Strike) *and* it offers at least a 1/1 Candle on its first attack. SO that’s all we have to wax on about Lyvaanth for now, enjoy your spoilers. Thanks!


WHAT? That’s it Lyvaanth, spoilers done! Go hang out with your friend Hero of Legend or something…


Wait? You do MORE?
*cool explosions*

I was super excited for a Speed, Flight troop that makes 1/1 on every attack, but now any form of blocking leads to more Candlekin taking over the board! Dragons and Candles and ummm… winning, oh my!

Additionally, having a proactive “answer” to Lazgar’s Vengeance should help play patterns diversify away from Lazgar’s Vengeance in the Ruby mirrors! They can smash Candlekin all they want with Lazgar’s, they will still need something else to snuff out your threat.

While I am going to be at the front of the pack leading Lyvaanth to majestic battles, I will be on the lookout for opposing Herofalls and Dingles to keep this dragon in check. Thankfully, we are probably only playing 3 copies due to its high cost and unique typing, so maybe Herofall won’t ruin my dragon dreams!

What do you think of these guys? Is this the start of a bright new future for Ruby/Diamond? Make sure to let us know what you think in the forums below.

See you on the battlefield!

-Kent Ketter

Kent is a semi-professional gamer with a love for data science and competitive HEX: Shards of Fate. Look for him on stream every day in the month of May as he climbs the constructed ladder with a mix of fun and logic.


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