Card Spotlight – A Remnant of Hope

Mar 8, 2018

AliEldrazi here, and I hope you’re ready for some doom… DOOOOOMBRINGA THAT IS! HEX’s new set is right around the corner, but this set isn’t like any other set. This set supports prismatic cards and decks! That means we will get the tools we need to tinker with sweet tri and quad color decks. Sure, the sky is falling thanks to the Enders, but at least you’ll get to play a trishard deck before you become one with the void. What else could possibly make sense to do before these aliens end all sentient life on Entrath? You’ll be assimilated into a big blob of…. Well… Everything. Hogarth F*&#@ things up this time.

Before you go all, “woe is me, I don’t want to die” let me show you something that will give you some remnant of hope happiness.

Remnant of PurposeRemnant of Life
Remnant of AncientsRemnant of HatredRemnant of Innovation

When you corner life and threaten to kill it, you’d better be prepared for it to fight you back. These resources give us the power to fix our thresholds like no resources have ever before. However, if you don’t control the correct thresholds, you are going to trade two health for their power. Play too many and you risk making it trivial for your opponent to kill you. You’ll have to figure out that delicate balance for yourself.

The Game Has Changed

These shards are the best cards to come out of this set. A tri-shard deck running these could easily punish control decks since control decks do not kill you quickly. They will give you time to set up and play your powerful prismatic cards to take over the game. The real winners though? Aggressive and Tempo decks. Who cares how much health you are losing by playing these shards if you are the aggressor. Tri-shard aggro decks can be a very real thing. You could even just play a two-shard deck and play these Remnants to turn on gems in your deck. For example, [SAPPHIRE] / [RUBY] Haraza can play four Remnant of Purpose and up to four Well of Purpose so that it is splashing Diamond for more gems.

Just how powerful is that? Well, just theorycrafting the flexibility is immense. Take the above [SAPPHIRE] / [RUBY] / [DIAMOND] Haraza deck. Splashing Diamond gives us access to powerful options like the Major Diamond of Battalion and Major Diamond of the Seraph. You’ll want to use the Major Diamond of Battalion on troops that are played later in the game since you might not have access to a Diamond threshold on turn two or three. Riftwarp Badger or Dark Heart of Nulzann also seem great with Major Diamond of Battalion. Grow all your socketed troops with Dark Heart of Nulzann while they sacrifice their cards to your Dark Heart? Deal!

Mono Ruby aggressive decks can now splash Sapphire with Remnant of Innovation and Well of Innovation. Why? Well, Runebind, Verdict of the Ancient Kings, or Flummox are all great ways to stop that Massacre and kill your opponent.

While aggressive decks do benefit the most from these resources, you can bet I’ll be toying with all the shard combinations. Sapphire/Diamond/Wild Balthasar? Heck yea, Oinkers the Party Pig is sweet! Doombringer Kha is great and all, but what if we gave it Minor Blood Prism of Leeching with Mordrom’s Gift? You could gain up to eleven health in one swing! Eternal Seeker is powerful already, but tag on Major Sapphire of Vanishing thanks to Mordrom’s Gift? Now you’ve got an Eternal Seeker that you can protect from removal and rebuy its come into play ability. My mind is racing, and my body is ready for Doombringer! Sure, I may die on turn four because I’m playing so many Remnant resources, but what do I care about life anyway? The Enders have arrived.

Ali Aintrazi

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