Champions of Herofall

Aug 19, 2016

HexRysu with you again to show you the champions of Herofall!

We have twenty new champions for you, including a cycle of champions with triple thresholds for those of you who enjoy playing mono-shard decks and another cycle that creates Banners which help you for the rest of the game. Let’s dive right in!

TakahiroGorn of the Hell PitsRenner

Bloodspinner ZorathDread BannerDreadling

Bishop ElijahAda the ApparitionistMarshal Josephina

Two TomahawksSacred BannerValor

Haraza the IncineratorBurning BannerAngus the Arsonist

Sharpshooter SahasLysanderValor

MalzokKentigern SlateWar Bot

NinevehArcane BannerBlue Sparrow

Lady MarikoMending BannerWildshaper Kaliban

Grandfather ElkShoku The BotanistDreadling

Which champion are you most excited to play with? Are their new decks you can’t wait to pilot with these legends by your side? Make sure you let us know in the forums!

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