Characters of Primal Dawn

Mar 7, 2016

by Loregoyle

Emerging stories and characters from Entrath!

William Rowan

A number of characters from the first HEX novel have made appearances in our card sets, including Periwinkle, Alwyn, and the ever-tricksy Windsinger, Master of the Hunt.


In Primal Dawn, the Accidental Knight himself finally gets his own card! William, along with his soul-bonded Great Wolf Rowan, make an unstoppable combination. Just as Rowan desperately searched for William in the novel, the Great Wolf will do whatever she can to reunite with William on the battlefield.

If you haven’t yet read The Accidental Knight, written by New York Times bestselling author Christie Golden, click here to get a copy for your Kindle, Nook, or iBook.

Forever’s Child

Curious and stubborn. Giggly and moody. Enthusiastic and anxious. Orchadia, the Primal of Youth, is known to embody the peculiarities of childhood.

Unlike other Primals, whose Avatars often take the form of exotic beings such as angels and demons, Orchadia’s Avatars look like normal children. They will sometimes appear where groups of kids are playing, integrating seamlessly into their games, the other children having no idea who the Avatars actually are. Unlike normal children, the Avatars of Orchadia never reach adulthood, forever enraptured in the wonder and restlessness of youth.

Forever's Child Orchin

Orchadia has a fascination with the vivid intensity of children’s dreams. If a young one is prone to have particularly scary nightmares, Orchadia will summon a spirit monster known as an “orchin” to comfort the child. The orchin will stay with the child for weeks or even months, speaking in a unique language that only the two of them can understand. Orchins are invisible to adults, and when the child reaches the age of adolescence, they will completely forget about the spirit friend that once stepped out their dreams.


“Gobblers are much like living cannonballs with wings and teeth. They fly at unimaginable speeds, to the point where they seem to flicker in and out of existence before one can even comprehend what they have seen. This makes study of these creatures exceedingly difficult, as does their aggressive disposition.

Flickering Gobbler

One might think that the moniker ‘gobbler’ comes from their propensity to try and eat anything and everything they can manage in their exceedingly brief lives, but that is not entirely accurate. Gobblers do seem to have a meager intelligence and chatter at each other in a primitive language. Much of what they say seem to be derivatives of a word that sounds like ‘gobble’ and is spoken in a deafening screech.

As absurd as it may seem, the gobblers apparently have a chieftain, or commander, or whatever these annoying beasties would call a leader. Its name is Bogberg, and while the gobbler chieftain doesn’t seem to be smarter than any other of its kind, he is treated with a certain (I hesitate to use this word in regard to such odious creatures) … reverence.

My advice in defending yourself against gobblers? I have none, unfortunately. By the time you realize one is close, you have likely already been bitten.”

-from the journal of Lord Bernard P. Dunthorpe

For Real This Time

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