Cosmic Crown Showdown 2018 Season 2 – The Winners

May 15, 2018

What a rush! Our second Cosmic Crown Showdown of 2018 played out over this past weekend. We now know who can claim the title of this season’s Cosmic Crown Champion. Read on for a snappy recap.


Day 1: Preliminaries

We started on Saturday with our qualified players from Season 2. You can read up who made it to the Top 64 of each ladder here. Everyone fought well: We had hours of intense gameplay, fiery hot strategies, and players who could keep their cool. At the end of the day, a few individuals distinguished themselves in battle. Give a warm round of applause to our Day 1 winners!

Top 8 – The Finalists
  1. Raposao
  2. Stuntbum
  3. GiveUpTheGeist
  4. JoeZimmers
  5. RuricThar
  6. Enyma
  7. Etruia
  8. Esotericist
  9. Eaglov (ninth place substitution)

Day 2: Finals

After a good night’s rest, our final 8 competitors met again on the battleboards of Entrath and duked it out for the top spot and the lion’s share of $5,000 cash!

What followed was another day of exciting clashes, with Doombringer favorites being pushed to the max. Below are results of this fierce competition:

Top 8 Results
  1. Enyma – $2,000 and Cosmic Crown Showdown Animated Sleeve.
  2. RuricThar – $1,000
  3. Eaglov – $500
  4. GiveUpTheGeist – $500
  5. JoeZimmers – $250
  6. Raposao – $250
  7. Etruia – $250
  8. Stuntbum – $250

Congratulations, Enyma, for being our 2018 Season 2 Cosmic Crown Champion! Revel in your successes: exclusive sleeves and $2,000 in cold, hard bragging rights!

Congratulations also to everyone on this list. A combination of luck, skill, and deadly focus have left you all just a little bit richer.

If you missed all the action, you can check it out here at the VOD of this exciting event.

Claim Your Rewards

Winners! Don’t wait, claim your rewards now by sending us your address and payment details to the tournament email address:

As is written in the Terms and Conditions, you must provide either of the following:

  • 1) Your bank details, comprised of:
  • Your full name
  • Your bank’s name
  • Your account number, including the IBAN and SWIFT/BIC codes
  • 2) Your PayPal information with:
  • Your full name
  • The email address registered to your PayPal account

Again, please provide your full mailing address. This is important for processing your rewards.

NOTE – We are only able to pay by check for US citizens. You will also be required to fill out a W9 form to receive your prize.

We hope you all enjoyed this tournament as much as we did. We are curious to see your tactics evolve in the new Ladder Season.

Thank you for playing!

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