Cosmic Crown Showdown 2019 Season 6 – Top 8 and Announcement

Jan 22, 2020

Our sixth Cosmic Crown Showdown of 2019 played out over this past weekend. There was a snag with Day 2, so we are announcing some changes to the CCS program moving forward.


Day 1: Preliminaries

We started on Saturday with our qualified players from Season 6. You can read up who made it to the top of each ladder here. Everyone fought well! We had intense gameplay, fiery hot strategies, and players who could keep their cool. At the end of the day, a few individuals distinguished themselves in battle. Give a warm round of applause to our Day 1 winners!

Top 8 – The Finalists
  1. Zedofis
  2. Arkaz
  3. DistantSouth
  4. [PSN]of_Ark
  5. Quickening
  6. Catalonia
  7. NightmareHitomi
  8. [PSN]hiyopip

Day 2: Finals Announcement

Unfortunately, we had a no-show for our second day, so the finale failed to fire properly. We know many of you set aside time to compete in these events, so we got together as a team to discuss how best to compensate the players who did show. Because of the logistical difficulties in arranging a new Day 2 tournament all qualifiers could attend, we decided the most fair thing to do would be to split the prize pool equally across those who showed up for the original event. We will be adding an extra 100,000 platinum to the pool by way of apology and will grant each of the following players 75,000 platinum:

  1. Zedofis
  2. Arkaz
  3. [PSN]of_Ark
  4. Quickening
  5. Catalonia
  6. NightmareHitomi
  7. [PSN]hiyopip
  8. BabyBananaDaoc (alternate)

Additionally, to avoid a similar issue in the future, we will be moving the Day 2 portion of the prize pool into the Day 1 event. Moving forward, the CCS will be a single day event with the following pay structure:

  • 1st Place: 200,000 Platinum and the Cosmic Crown Showdown Animated Sleeve
  • 2nd Place: 100,000 Platinum
  • 3rd-4th Place: 50,000 Platinum
  • 5th-8th Place: 25,000 Platinum
  • 9th-16th Place: 25 boosters from the current set
  • 17th-32nd Place: 10 boosters from the current set
  • 33rd-128th Place: 5 boosters from the current set

Thank you for your understanding, and congratulations once again to our top players from the 6th Season of 2019.

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