Currency Update – Patch Notes

May 15, 2018

We applied a quick patch to address a few ongoing issues and put some new items into the game. Here are patch notes for this latest round of updates. 

Patch Notes

Currency Update Patch 5/15/18

New Currency

  • Cosmic Coins are now available to be earned
    • Players can earn these by reaching Cosmic level on the limited or constructed Ladder
    • Each match win in Cosmic will earn you at least 10 Cosmic Coins
    • Earn bonus coins as you win consecutive games
    • Use Cosmic Coins to purchase unique items in the store
  • Siege Sacks are now available to be earned
    • Players can earn these by attacking or defending in Siege
    • Sacks accumulate as a defense earns wins and additional sacks for each hour the defense remains active
    • Both the attacker and defender earn the Siege Sack total when a defense is defeated
  • New cosmetic item – Coins – are available in the store
    • These modify the opening coin flip when starting a game


  • Renamed the “Adventure Pack” tab in the store to “Prize Exchange.” This is where Cosmic Coin and Siege Sack items will be available to purchase
  • Renamed the “Chark Mart” tab in the store to “Special.” Adventure Packs have been moved to this tab in addition to what it normally contains
  • You can see your Cosmic Coin and Siege Sack currency totals in the store
  • There is now a “Select Coin” option in the Collection that will allow you to modify the opening coin flip coin when starting a game
  • Renamed the “Ranked Constructed” tournament queue to “Standard Constructed Ladder”
  • Replaced the Unranked Constructed queue with Merry Melee
  • Siege sack total can be viewed in the Rewards table of a player’s Siege defense
  • Your Siege Sack total is displayed on the Siege screens
  • Removed bonus star for 2-0 games
  • Players can no longer drop an earned division on the ladder
  • At the end of a ladder season players will now drop 5 ranks


  • Ghoul Ashes and Spectral Collar equipment are now correctly in game. If you received one while opening a pack, the equipment will now appear in your inventory
  • Arctic Flower now removes the cost addition of Arctic Naiad’s ability correctly
  • Underworld Hacker is now correctly a weapon equipment slot for Underworld Crusader
  • Updated the icon for System of Nulzann to correctly be a head slot item
  • The Arena champion Mad Packmaster no longer incorrectly exhausts troops with Gladiator

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