Dead of Winter Patch Notes (PS4)

Nov 17, 2017

Here are patch notes for this latest round of updates. 

Patch Notes

Dead of Winter is now available!

  • 240 new cards to collect!
  • 5 New Champions
  • Participate in three Evolving Sealed runs to earn the Dead of Winter Set Sleeve


  • The Champion Puck and Balthasar has been renamed to Balthasar the Elegist. Its art has been updated and it now has the type line of “Satyr”
  • Armies of Myth and Primal Dawn cards are no longer legal in Standard Constructed
  • Armies of Myth and Primal Dawn booster packs have been removed from the store
  • Updated the art for the choice cards associated with Illuminate
  • Account Leveling rewards have been changed to Dead of Winter packs
  • Draft and Sealed formats now use Dead of Winter booster packs for entry and rewards
  • Alternate Art cards for corresponding common and uncommons can now be used for Rock format tournaments
  • Hex Primal Immortal Queue now displays an immortal ticket in the prize preview window
  • Practice vs AI decks have been updated to match the new Standard format


  • Phase stop changes are no longer incorrectly reset when you close Hex: Card Clash
  • Extended and Alternate Art cards will no longer prevent saving of a deck in reserves
  • Going offline while searching for a player will now correctly remove you from the queue
  • Random transformation/creation should abide by rarity legality of format in addition to set legality
  • Can no longer clear deck within the reserves of a match
  • Copied troops with indefinite modifiers are now working correctly
  • Playing an extended art card with its Frostform ability will now correctly display the extended brittle version of the card
  • While multiple constants are in play you can now use the controller to view each of them
  • Sunsoul Phoenix’s ability to be returned to play from the crypt now works correctly
  • Cull the Weak  now properly recalculates its cost when a player controls an Arena Mutt and Gladiator troops
  • Coralcove Witch’s deploy ability now resolves in the correct order when being played in response to a trick.
  • Gemborn Prowler no longer incorrectly reverts when another card is transformed or reverted
  • Kismet’s Dice now properly evaluates the cost of cards with X in the cost.
  • Paragon of Insanity’s charge power will now play cards with the text “target opposing” correctly.
  • Grandfather Elk is now correctly Ardent Faction
  • Runes are no longer triggered more than once when drawing multiple resources simultaneously.
  • Frostheart champions have been modified to improve limited gameplay:
  • Merry Butterfly now costs 4

User Interface

  • Scheduled tournament lobby’s now display information properly
  • A Practice button has been added to the summary tab of limited tournaments
  • The Deck Builder has a new button for View Unowned Cards
  • Visual slider has been added to settings to marginally scale some of the UI
  • Profile name now appears in the correct location
  • Images for counters are no longer partially cut-off while a card is exhausted
  • Tournament rewards text should no longer incorrectly layer on top of each other

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