Dead of Winter Rolling Hotfix Notes v1.0.8.021 (PS4)

Nov 21, 2017

Here are patch notes for this latest round of updates. 

Patch Notes

Dead of Winter Rolling Hotfix


  • Scheduled tournaments no longer delay start of next round due to forfeits during reserves
  • Cards in limited pools no longer incorrectly square the quantity displayed
  • Extended Art cards can now be correctly attached to mail and sold on the Auction House


  • Brown Fox Scout no longer reveals the next card in the deck
  • Polar Ferret now correctly requires two Diamond threshold for its Frostform cost
  • Jovial Pippit no longer incorrectly transforms the player’s Champion
  • Cards with “may” are now correctly optional
  • Frenetic Doppelganger no longer hangs indefinitely when targeting Spellsong Sweeties
  • Fixed a game lock that was caused by Ghastly Exchange
  • Cards that trigger during the combat step no longer incorrectly push priority forward a step
  • Players can no longer change their champion during reserves of a draft
  • Cards and powers that have “as an additional cost” now function correctly

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