Dead of Winter Update – Patch Notes

Jan 10, 2018

We applied a quick patch to address a few ongoing issues and put some new items into the game. Here are patch notes for this latest round of updates. 

Patch Notes

Dead of Winter Patch 1/10/18


Fixed an issue that caused tournament standings to highlight improperly in scheduled tournaments

  • Kismet Draft packs have been updated
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to get stuck in a false reserves
  • Messaging for player offline now appears correctly
  • Champions balance changes are now live
    • Furiko: +1 charge cost, from 7 charges to 8.
    • Soaring Talon: -1 charge cost, from 7 charges to 6; -3 health, from 25 to 22.
    • Adoni-Zeddek: +1 charge cost, from 3 charges to 4.
    • Frostshaper Gorkrog: -1 charge cost, from 10 charges to 9.
    • Haraza the Incinerator: Burning Banner now says “Troops you control have Speed.” (No longer grants your troops +1[ATK])
  • The following cards are now banned in Immortal: Hideous Conversion and Lazgar’s Vengeance
  • Pressing escape when prompted to Scrounge no longer incorrectly plays the card
  • Kismet has added a few animated versions of cards to be collected in her drafts
    • Umbral Guard
    • Iremaw
    • Wings of Wax
    • Heartsworn Caller
    • Livewire Lasher
    • Disruptor Drone

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