Deck Drilldown – B/D Constants

Jul 19, 2017

HEX’s seventh set, Frostheart, is finally upon us, and it gives us a good deal to be explored in the Constructed format. Today we are going to dive into a deck that uses a number of powerful cards from HEX’s latest expansion: B/D Constants.

Let’s start with a decklist shall we?

Zorath’s Rectory is socketed with the Minor Diamond of Fate

Champion: Bloodspinner Zorath

Our two primary win conditions in this deck are powerful new constants from Frostheart:

Twilight EclipseHailstorm

Twilight Eclipse rewards us for simply playing out our cards. Not only does it provide a clock that adds up damage fairly quickly, but the fact that it has Lifedrain means that it makes racing difficult for opposing aggressive decks. It only take four constants in play to start generating an 8 point health swing every turn.

Hailstorm rewards us for something we want to be doing anyways – Fateweaving. On top of setting up our draws, Hailstorm lets us start generating an army to pressure our opponent or defend our own health total with. In addition to the Blood Ice and Diamond Ice in our resources, we have two other sources of Fateweave in our deck:

Zorath’s RectoryGuidance

Zorath’s Rectory allows us to essentially stack the top of our deck every turn for three resources, while also generating a Hail Hawk if we have Hailstorm in play. It is important to note that if we have a Diamond threshold when playing out Rectory we also get to Fateweave then as well.

Guidance is a card I was excited about when I first saw it spoiled, and playing with it has more than lived up to the hype I had for it. For as long as it has existed, Arcane Focus has been a staple in Sapphire decks, and Guidance will easily be a similar staple for all Diamond decks moving forward. Guidance is always a resource when we need it and always a non-resources when we need some action. It is powerful and gives insane consistency for very little cost.

The next constant we are playing, while technically a win condition, is played primarily as a card advantage engine when combined with the Dread Banner that Bloodspinner Zorath provides:

Xentoth’s Malice

With Dread Banner and Malice in play together, we can gain two health every single turn while also drawing an additional card. The extra health makes it difficult for aggressive decks to attack us to death, while drawing two cards a turn allows us to power through whatever more controlling decks are trying to grind us down.

When the card advantage from Malice and the card quality from Fateweaving is not enough, we also have access to four copies of Blood’s Favor to draw us additional cards when we are running low on gas, or to empty our opponent’s crypt when we need a few extra points of health.

Finally, we round out our main deck with a plethora of removal to keep our opponent’s board in check while our constants take over the game:

StrangleHerofallDecree of Banishing

These first three are all quality pieces of removal, while Decree of Banishing also has the upside of being a constant that sits in play making Twilight Eclipse more potent. Sometimes, however, single target removal won’t do the trick. For those moments, we have a powerful new sweeper effect from Frostheart:


Massacre cleans up nicely against decks like Bombus and Redlings, while not touching any of our constants. The fact that Massacre gives a permanent debuff means it’s still reasonable against decks with larger troops. We can also combine two Massacres over two turns (or Massacre alongside Strangle) to kill larger threats.

When it comes to the reserves there is still a bit of guess work as to what exactly we want to be preparing to face this early in the format. That being said, midrange decks like this constants one typically want to hedge against the decks that are either trying to get underneath them or go way over the top of them.

We hedge the first of these by playing more efficient spot removal that can match an aggressive deck up the curve:

Cheap ShotRot Cast

Cheap Shot is often a two for one against small troop decks. Not only does it kill something like Graven Geist when we play it, but often we generate something with at least one power that can then jump in front of something like a Deathseeker profitably.

Our best way to combat decks trying to go over the top of us is by tearing apart their hand before they can really get setup:

Withering GazePrimordial Cockatwice

Withering Gaze allows us to take the best interaction out of their hand while also giving us information to optimize our sequencing around their remaining cards. Primordial Cockatwice gives us an uninterruptible method to two for one our opponent in the early turns of the game, while also representing a threat that closes the game out reasonably fast in the later turns.

The last cards in our reserves are a pair of From The Ashes as an additional method to clean up the board against larger midrange decks in the format.

Match Ups

While we do not know all of the decks that are going to popular this season, it is probably not unreasonable to assume that many of the mainstays from the previous format will carry over in some way, shape, or form. We can likely expect Redlings, Sapphire-Diamond Control, Blood-Wild Kagu, and Sapphire-Ruby McBombus to continue to be format staples.

Against Redlings, we want to remove some of our clunkier cards like Hailstorm and Zoarth’s Rectory for additional sweepers and removal. We generally want to reserve as follows:


Zorath’s RectoryZorath’s RectoryZorath’s RectoryHailstormHailstormHailstormHailstorm


Cheap ShotCheap ShotCheap ShotRot CastRot CastFrom The AshesFrom The Ashes

Against SD Control we want to trim some of our plethora of removal that does not line up well against their few troops for cards that allow us to interact with the cards they are going to be keeping in their hand to control the game.


Decree of BanishingDecree of BanishingStrangleStrangleMassacreMassacreMassacreMassacre


Withering GazeWithering GazeWithering GazeWithering GazePrimordial CockatwicePrimordial CockatwicePrimordial CockatwicePrimordial Cockatwice

Against BW Kagu we want to trim some of our slower grindy elements in favor of some more efficient removal and card advantage that has a direct impact on the board in case we fall behind.


Zorath’s RectoryHailstormHailstormMassacre


From The AshesFrom The AshesRot CastRot Cast

Against SR McBombus we want to trim some of our clunkier cards for things that are more resource efficient. Being able to play all of the cards we draw on curve and on time is key in this style of match up.


Blood’s FavorBlood’s FavorBlood’s FavorBlood’s FavorHerofallHerofallXentoth’s Malice


Withering GazeWithering GazeWithering GazeWithering GazeCheap ShotCheap ShotCheap Shot

Gameplay Videos

If you want to see some videos of the BD Constants deck in action, check out my stream archive below.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for something to leverage the power of a bunch of new Frostheart cards, while also leaning on the power of old favorites like Herofall, then Blood-Diamond Constants might just be the deck for you this Constructed season!

Have a question about this archetype that I did not cover in the article above? Let me know by leaving a comment in the forum!

Thanks for reading,
~Jeff Hoogland

Jeff is a professional gamer who enjoys the competitive aspects of HEX: Shards of Fate. Constructed is his preferred format and he is always looking for that new piece of technology to give him a leg up on the competition.


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