Deep Dive – Rowdy Sugar Rush

May 21, 2018

G’day Hexers! As you’re no doubt aware, 3 new Signature Decks are now available in the HEX Store for 2500 Platinum each. Nero Jinous, Snake, and I were given the privilege to create a deck each, with the goal being to make a deck that will do a decent job at climbing the ladder and provide easy upgradability.

After finding out what Nero & Snake were going to create, I decided to go with a shard pairing that has always been a favorite of mine – Sapphire & Wild. Taking into account future set rotations (like Herofall and Scars of War), I decided to see what I could do with mostly newer cards.

I also purposefully didn’t want to take a top meta deck and alter it, so I decided to create something from scratch and settled on a troop focused Rowdy deck. Then wanting to take advantage of the cost increase effect from Rowdy, I decided to include a rare that never got to have it’s fun in the sun.

Let’s Dive In!

Heartsworn Caller is socketed with Minor Wild Orb of Festivity

Champion: The Blackberry Knight

The core of the deck is very much troop based. We are looking to end the game quickly while still having some tools available if it drags out a bit.

Ideally, the deck wants to get troops down every turn and, as you will notice, nearly all of them have Rowdy. Thus, the troops will increase in cost when cards of higher cost are played. This just so happens to synergize very well with our friendly neighbourhood Bouncer (the primary payoff card in the deck). Not only is Brosi’s Bouncer a really big beast himself, he also transforms all party goers into random troops of +2 cost. Who knows what you’ll get!

Honestly, I have my suspicions that Dreamsmoke Diva has been using the Bouncer to distribute various illicit hallucinogens… I’ll have to look into this further. For now, here is some footage the security cameras picked up.

Another underplayed rare I decided to include is Pocket Army. This self-replicating robot gives the deck a 1 drop that, if played on turn 1, will ensure you’re able to do something every turn. It also pairs well with the Rowdy Piper and Brosi’s Bouncer as the robots will keep increasing in cost (provided the previous robots stick around), both of which are effective with those cards.

Playing the deck is fairly straightforward. You want to have a bunch of troops and make them bigger threats via Rowdy triggers or the Bouncer, then secure the win with Prison of the Mind. I’ve also included a couple of Sugar Rush’s for some added value, both for in-game (card draw) and for your collections.


However, that doesn’t mean this is the best the list can be, we had certain guidelines/restrictions when building these decks so some luxuries had to be left on the cutting floor. With that said, let’s take a look at some upgrade or alternate options.


Well of InstinctLudicrous LibationsRoot of InstinctShard of Instinct


None of these are necessary, but having a bit more fixing is good if you prefer to play it safe. The cheap option is to add 2 more Root shards or several Shard of Instinct. A fun option that also works rather nice in this deck is the Ludicrous Libations resource, it fits perfectly with our Rowdy troops thanks to the Drop of Whimsey it creates.


Rowdy PiperDreamsmoke DivaHeartsworn CallerPocket ArmyCaravan CannoneerGrapes of Wrath


Changing the quantities or even completely removing some of the troops above is perfectly acceptable. Adding in some more Diva’s and another Piper is a decent quick upgrade option or even going for more Heartsworn Callers instead of 4 Caravan Cannoneers (valuing the charges over the evasion).


FlummoxWeave into NothingHaltWind’s WhimTreacherous SearchMindcall


Currently our only method of protecting our board state is with the use of Runebind. By cutting cards like Dreamcall and Sugar Rush, we can make room for some additional interrupts and make the deck more aggressive. Flummox is a great option for the deck thanks to its cheap cost (2 resources and only 1 threshold) and its synergy with the Rowdy troops. There are plenty of interrupts available though, so feel free to experiment and take into account the meta.

Another action worth mentioning is Mindcall. This card can allow for additional Rowdy triggers or even a 0 cost Runebind (to protect your board even when depleted) and works especially well with the likes of Dreamsmoke Diva.

Here is an example of an alternate version of the deck with some slight changes made. In this version I’ve added in 3 more interrupts, which makes Rowdy Piper a lot more threatening because, if he sticks around and you’re able to get down a Bouncer, your resources will replenish and you will be able to leave up protection and ensure they stay on the board.

I also made some slight changes to some troop counts and added in 3 Treacherous Search to ensure we can keep triggering Rowdy on our troops.

Alternatively, you can even alter the deck into a combo deck (like Ali’s Sugar Rush list) or many others that you may have seen floating around. These combo decks generally run 4 Rowdy Piper’s and 4 Dreamsmoke Diva along with 3-4 Sugar Rush and 3-4 Eyes of the Heart, followed by methods to ramp. An easy way to find deck examples is by using

One thing I’ve yet to mention is the Champion choice. By default the deck uses Blackberry Knight, but feel free to experiment with others. Grandfather Elk is a decent choice for some additional Crush damage, or Plagueroot the Hollow for more health and some more bodies to transform.

As for Reserves, that is very much meta dependant and I plan to do some more videos and articles with additional upgrade paths and reserve options in the future, so keep your eyes on the site and my youtube channel to catch those.

For now I hope you all have fun with the deck and wish you the best of luck in climbing the ladder. Go get them Cosmic Coins!

As always, feel free to share your thought or suggestions for the deck in the forums. Thanks for reading and happy Hexing!

Thanks for reading,

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