Doombringer Update – Patch Notes

Apr 4, 2018

We applied a quick patch to address a few ongoing issues and put some new items into the game. Here are patch notes for this latest round of updates. 

Patch Notes

Doombringer Update Patch 4/04/18


    • Escaping out of targeted actions now works correctly
    • Frost Ring Arena rewards now display after defeating the final boss
    • There is now a filter option to “Show Prismatic Only” in the Collection
    • Void animation no longer incorrectly continues to display voided troops in play
    • Runebind Sleeve now displays correctly
    • Mysteres de l’angoisse  and other cards that use “play another card for free” now sends revealed cards to the correct zone
    • Malevolence now correctly does 4 damage for each card remaining in hand
    • Replipopper now correctly gains two Boons
    • The AI now understands that powers of cards in hand can have negative effects such as abilities gained from cards like Paradigm Shift

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