Double Back

Flip your HEX card over once and you have the back; flip that card again and you have the Double Back: a new innovation that takes advantage of HEX’s digital TCG design.

Each card in the game is a unique object and records how it’s been played. The Double Back stores your card’s history and gives you an easy way to interface with each card individually.

Hex Double Back


Each card features three achievements. Unlock these achievements and your card transforms into an “extended art” version, where the image fills the entire frame and may even reveal new areas of the artwork that further tells the story of that card.

Achievements range from dealing damage to a particular creature to executing difficult combos. The achievement system is a fun way to inspire deck creation and allows you extra replay mileage out of the cards in your collection.


The badge section houses trophies awarded to cards that were in your deck when you won a tournament. Each of the trophies calls out the event and date. The more prestigious events mark cards with beautiful, elaborate trophies. These trophies stay on the card permanently, even if traded, making winning cards even more valuable and collectible.


A selection of data from the card’s in-game play, this data will be helpful when analyzing what cards to put into your deck.


Level your card as you play it. Specific challenges for each card, such as dealing a set number of damage, will count toward leveling it up. Max out the card’s level and the card permanently transforms into a foil version!