What RPG would be complete without items? In HEX, the equipment you acquire during your adventures will improve your character and customize your play experience. Victory in battle, looting treasure chests, and completing quests are just a few ways to acquire equipment in HEX. Equipment has four different rarities, similar to the cards you open in packs.

Mentor’s Slippers (common)

When this enters play, create a Battle Hopper and put it into play

Tenacious Katana (rare)

Sacrifice a Battle Hopper -> Nori gets Swiftstrike this turn

What equipment does

Equipment is exclusive to the PVE campaign. Every piece of equipment in the game is associated with a card. Its effect is related to the card it is attached to, improving it in some way by reducing its cost or changing the way it functions to create different deck-building opportunities. As your appreciation for specific cards grow, you’ll definitely want to chase down the associated equipment to make your favorites even better. Each card has two or three pieces of equipment. Collect them all!

How equipment works

When you gain a piece of equipment, it goes into your collection of cards that can be used in building a deck. Each champion has six equipment slots (Helmet, Armor, Gloves, Boots, Weapon, Trinket) and each piece of equipment is one of these types. In any particular deck, a champion can equip one of each type of equipment, totaling six pieces. When making a deck, you’ll have to decide whether you want to double or triple down on specific cards or spread your equipment choices over many different cards to insure more cards in your deck are improved.

Armor of the High Cleric (legendary)

When Xocoy enters your hand, create a random Orc with cost 1 and put it into play

Xocoy’s Double-bladed Axe (uncommon)