ESL HEX Beta Cup

Sep 4, 2015

We’re proud to announce the next series of tournaments hosted by ESL for HEX!

The ESL team has done an excellent job with the HEX Kick-Off tournaments. After receiving a lot of feedback from the community they’ve made a few changes and are ready to announce the next step, the HEX Beta Cup.

In order to play and participate in the Hex Beta Cup you will need to sign up with ESL. Once registered you can play in the HEX Beta Cup for free! The Beta Cup series takes place each week with Cash and pack prizes. Every tournament is Single Elimination and players can change their deck in between rounds.  In the Weekly tournaments the winner walks away with $100 and each player is awarded HEX ESL points based on record. At the end of every month the top ranking players from each region advance into a Finale with $250 up for grabs.  The Beta Cup Series ends by pitting the top all-time ranking players from each region against each other with $500 on the line.

Sign up for your region at ESL

Check out the prizes for these tournaments below!

Weekly Beta Cup:

EU Saturdays at 19.00 CEST
NA Sundays at 7PM Eastern/4PM Pacific


1st €100 / $100 + 100 points/ 36 packs

2nd 75 points/ 24 packs

3rd 50 points/ 12 packs

4th 50 points/ 12 packs

5th – 8th 25 points/ 6 packs

9th – 16th 10 points/ 3 packs

Monthly Finals:

EU Sundays at 16.00 CEST
NA Monday at 9PM Eastern/6PM Pacific


1st €150 or $150/ 48 packs

2nd €75 or $75/ 32 packs

3rd €25 or $25/ 16 packs

4th €25 or $25/16 packs

5th-8th 8 packs

9th-16th 4 packs

Beta Cup Series NA vs. EU:

December 13th 16:00:00 CET / 07:00:00 PST / 10:00:00 EST


1st €200 or $200/ 60 packs

2nd €100 or $100/ 40 packs

3rd €50 or $50/ 20 packs

4th €50 or $50/ 20 packs

5th – 8th €25 or $25/ 10 packs

9th – 16th 5 packs

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