Epic Spell Warz

Mar 20, 2020

Date(s) - 20/03/2020 - 27/03/2020
All Day



 Are you ready for some spell-slinging fun? In EPIC SPELL WARZ, both players start as Frenzied Zakiir:

Frenzied Zakiir

Those players also get a smattering of thresholds and… an empty deck.

So, game over, right? Well, not quite. Frenzied Zakiir has an ability that makes it so that you don’t draw cards. Instead, if you would draw a card, you get two random actions put into your hand. Also, at the start of your turn, you get a charge and an extra resource point. Your charges can go towards building up a Skarn army while you leverage all of the free actions you’re getting to beat up on your opponent. It’s a wild time!

Merry Melee Epic Spell Warz

Format: Frenzied Zakiir
Cost: Free!
Length: Gauntlet (5 wins / 3 losses)
Match: Best of one

  • 3 Wins – Random Standard Rare
  • 4 Wins – Current Set Booster Pack
  • 5 Wins – Current Set Booster Pack and Random Standard Rare

Winning ten games of this week’s format will earn you the animated Scion of Lyvaanth Sleeve! Come grab it while it’s hot: