Oct 30, 2020

Date(s) - 30/10/2020 - 06/11/2020
All Day



Are you ready to bring the pain with a deck that you build as you fight your opponent? Can you tighten the screws and outwit their pain-filled plays? Get ready for the original Merry Melee mode: Corinth vs Corinth returns!

In this mode you don’t select a deck and you don’t select a champion. Instead, you are given a predetermined deck of 20 resources (4 copies of each standard shard – [BLOOD] [WILD] [DIAMOND] [RUBY] [SAPPHIRE] ), and the champion Corinth the Iconoclast.

Shifted Paradigm – Skip your draw phase. At the end of your turn, put your crypt and hand into your deck, then draw four cards.

You will then use her powers to create and choose cards—essentially building your deck on the fly. Only careful choices, a bit of luck, and quick thinking will grant victory over your opponents.

The Corinth vs Corinth mode will be available via an on-demand, gauntlet queue for the duration of this event. The gauntlet uses a best of one match system and will continue until you have 5 wins or 3 losses, whichever comes first. At the end of your gauntlet, players will receive a payout based on their record.

Merry Melee Corinth

Format: Immortal
Cost: Free!
Length: Gauntlet (5 wins / 3 losses)
Match: Best of one

  • 3 Wins – Random Standard Rare
  • 4 Wins – Current Set Booster Pack
  • 5 Wins – Current Set Booster Pack and Random Standard Rare

And remember, we have all-new sleeves for those of you able to bring the pain. Winning a total of 10 games across our Corinth event will reward this gorgeous animated sleeve! Check it out below: