Portal Kombat

Feb 14, 2020

Date(s) - 14/02/2020 - 21/02/2020
All Day



Merry Melee Portal Kombat returns for those who wish to test their might. Relive the wild RNG filled days of Dead of Winter by playing as Galaxtar and mastering all the portals you can muster.


In Portal Kombat, you’ll be provided with a deck of 25 standard shards and a bunch of portals. Don’t like your hand? Well, don’t worry! Next turn it will be completely different. Every turn your hand will be shifting and giving you new options on how to handle your opponent’s threats. And, if you happen to end up with a hand of useless portals, you can also use Galaxtar’s charge power to dig for more powerful options.

Merry Melee Portal Kombat

Format: Galaxtar
Cost: Free!
Length: Gauntlet (5 wins / 3 losses)
Match: Best of one

  • 3 Wins – Random Standard Rare
  • 4 Wins – Current Set Booster Pack
  • 5 Wins – Current Set Booster Pack and Random Standard Rare

Furthermore, our cool new sleeve returns (freshly portaled!) for those of you who can fatality 10 opponents. You keep your record from last time, so be sure to dive in if it got away from you last time: