Evolving Gauntlet

Apr 26, 2016

Over the past three years, HEX has been evolving, and today, we’re exciting to announce that the Gauntlet tournaments are evolving with it. The Gauntlet features some of the most popular ways to play HEX, because it allows you to play when you want to. Unlike a draft or a scheduled tournament, if you want to play one match with your deck in a gauntlet and then explore other areas of Entrath, you can. Your Gauntlet experience will still be waiting for you when you return. If you want to play all your matches in a row and then load up another Gauntlet, you can do that too. It’s all up to you.

One of the things we really felt HEX has been missing is that entry-level tournament experience. Constructed tournaments ask players to have a relatively large collection or at least own their deck while understanding the competitive metagame. Sealed and draft tournaments cost 1400 platinum and 700 platinum respectively. Both are great values considering the prizes up for grabs, but the cost can be seen as prohibitive to players new to HEX looking for a lower cost introduction to the tournament scene.

Starting today, Evolving Gauntlet will be added to our list of tournaments (the beloved Sealed Deck Gauntlet is still available). Evolving Gauntlet is our lowest priced sealed or draft experience yet. For only 500 platinum you’ll get two packs (one of Primal Dawn and Armies of Myth respectively).

This might cause you to ask “How am I supposed to build a deck with only two packs of cards?” When you enter the Evolving Gauntlet, you’ll also be granted three packs of Common and Uncommon cards to help you build a 40-card minimum deck. Two of these “Rareless” packs will be Primal Dawn and one of them will be Armies of Myth.

The thing that makes Evolving Gauntlet truly special is how you earn prizes. Unlike Sealed Deck Gauntlet, which awards you an additional pack per win at the end of your run, Evolving Gauntlet buffs your available card pool during your run. Like Sealed Deck Gauntlet, you can completely rebuild your deck from your sealed pool in-between matches, including swap your champion. Use these new cards and make your existing deck more powerful or completely change your build around a newfound legendary card!

Booster packs awarded are always of the most recent set:

  • 1st Win – Opened booster pack in your Evolving Sealed Pool
  • 3rd Win – Opened booster pack in your Evolving Sealed Pool
  • 5th Win – One booster Pack

Each time you earn an opened pack, you’ll be presented with a window showing you the new cards added to your evolving sealed pool. From there, you’ll be able to rebuild your deck, where those cards will have the “New” banner on them until you play another game with your sealed deck.


winning a pack in evo

Like all other Gauntlet tournaments, upon earning your fifth win or your third loss, your experience will end, and you’ll keep all the cards you’ve opened. If you managed to win 5 matches, you’ll win an unopened booster pack!

We expect Evolving Sealed tournament style to be a huge improvement for those just getting their feet wet into the PvP formats that HEX has to offer, while also being great for existing players looking for a new twist on the Sealed gauntlet they’ve come to know and love. You can play the matches at your own pace, against other competitors around the world, and battle it out for prizes and glory.