Eye Spy

Apr 1, 2018

Deep strategic gameplay? Check. Fully-fledged TCG features? Check. But that is just the tip of the iceberg behind what makes HEX great. We also offer top-notch cosmetics that make each game a visual feast to behold.

This is why we are pleased to announce our new Magic Eye Battleboard!

Magic Eye

This exciting offering (coming soom™ to a Chark Mart near you) is guaranteed to get players looking at Battleboards with fresh eyes. If you weren’t on board already, cross your eyes and cross this off your bucket list as you are transported by gameplay that literally jumps off the screen! If you’ve ever thought “man, I love the convenience of HEX, but I want something that REALLY pushes the digital realm,” then you’re in luck! Our Magic Eye Battleboard offers an experience that truly goes beyond the surface.


See you in the Battlegrounds~

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