Feast of Abundance 2018

Apr 6, 2018

As spring crawls out from underneath winter’s heavy blanket, hungry eyes turn towards the Feast of Abundance.

Because while Symeon’s Bounty is legendary, it is matched by the endless hunger of the Beast of Abundance. Found hibernating for most of the year, the Beast stirs itself at the equinox when the soft scent of succulent fruit wafts through the air. The Beast is typically a gentle soul, but woe betide anyone who get’s between him and his next meal….

Feast of Abundance
Greetings everyone! As Symeon, the Primal of Renewal, blooms once more, you will receive the bounty of a new sleeve! Simply log in and you will automatically be granted the 2018 Feast of Abundance sleeve.

Feast of Abundance 2018
If you want to really get into the spirit of the season, you can go feed that hunger for exclusive alternate arts with some fruitful foraging. (This means you have to play tournaments in the “Standard Tab” of the Battlegrounds!)

Grapes of Wrath AA
Or, you can take the festivities into the Campaign! Playing in dungeons across Entrath can reward players with the Beast of Abundance card and its equipment pieces, the Hauberk of Abundance and the Boots of Abundance. That’s enough to make a meal out of!

To earn these rewards, champions must defeat any dungeon during the Feast of Abundance holiday:

So how do you get the Feast of Abundance rewards?

Sleeve: The first time a player logs in during this holiday, they will receive the Feast of Abundance sleeve.

Alternate Art Card: All paid entry tournaments in the “Standard Tab” will have a participation prize of an AA Grapes of Wrath card. Basically, enter an Evo, Sealed, or Draft tournament to get the card.

Players that win a constructed ranked ladder match will have a 25% chance of earning an AA Grapes of Wrath card.

PvE Card and Equipment: Players can earn PvE items by playing in the Campaign dungeons. There is one card and two equipment items to earn. By defeating any dungeon you will earn one of the three items at random. Each of them has a percent chance to drop: 15% on the Rare Equipment, 25% on the Uncommon Equipment, and 60% on the Card.


  • Beast of Abundance


  • Boots of Abundance (Rare)
  • Hauberk of Abundance (Uncommon)

Join the celebration between Friday, April 13th at 10:00am PT and Friday, April 27th at 9:59am PT to get your fill. Happy Feast of Abundance!

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