HEX Primal FNX

Fight Night HEX (FNX) is a Standard Rock tournament which will take place 4 times a week on two different days. Rock is a constructed format where only commons and uncommons are used. No rares or Legendaries are allowed. You can still use any gems and champions from the Standard format.

The first day we will offer FNX is Friday. Fight Night happens every Friday at 11:00 AM Pacific and 6:00 PM Pacific. In addition to this static day, there’s a rotating day for Fight Night. This rotating day will change monthly to support different schedules and availabilities. Tournament times on those flex days will also be at 11:00 AM Pacific and 6:00 PM Pacific (see calendar for more details).

You’ll be able to find this tournament in the Battlegrounds under the “Special” Tab.

The tournament format will be as follows:

Format: Standard Rock
Cost: 3000 GOLD
Pairings: 3 Rounds – Swiss

  • 1 Win: Random Standard Rare
  • 2 Wins: 1x Most Recent Set Pack
  • 3 Wins: 2x Most Recent Set Pack

We think this will be a great entry point for anyone, no matter their experience, to try out HEX constructed. You can visit for more information.