Fly Swatting

Mar 17, 2017

Hey everyone! In our continuing effort to make the HEX tournament experience the best it can be, we will be doing some tournament testing this next Monday, March 20th. We need you to help us out by hopping into these test queues. We will likely be running several tests, so expect to see several tournaments appearing under the “Special Tab” of the Battlegrounds. We’ll announce the names of these queues in-game during the test. For those who join us on this safari, we have a special treat for you:

Bug Hunter Sleeve

These sleeves will be granted sometime after the tournaments to everyone who helped us test (and we’ll make them available in other ways in the future). We expect to run these tournaments starting at 4:00pm PT, but please stay tuned as this time and day may change as our engineers get ready for some heavy-duty bug smashing.

See you all there!

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